As a first, instinctive response, among your most precious household items you wouldn’t necessarily count your makeup storage items: those boxes of different sizes and shapes. But when push comes to shove and everything relies on a system, you know who you’re gonna call. Makeup storages aren’t any different and you are merely looking for the type of products that will serve your uniquely tailored organising needs. You and your makeup collection are probably swimming in an abundance of types of products. And we design our makeup storage items to address those various concerns. You’ll never be bogged down by your love of beauty products again!

Hack no1: Stock your office with the finest supplies

You’ve been needing an upgrade for a while now as far as your office is concerned. Don’t you just find the look of it so daunting and grey? Don’t fret about it, ‘lo and behold our unique metallic and gold collection of office-related products. It’s all part of our expanded makeup storage collection. This line of acrylic organisers is sure to turn your expectations upside down! Most similarly advertised products might look great on paper and in reality, not meet the desired standards. This luxurious line is fit for the workaholic in you, that just wants that touch of glam in her life.

Stapler made of metal and glass with GlamourLiving logo on the side

You’ll never find yourself exhausted with the look of the STAPLER – part of our ACRYLIC & GOLD METAL COLLECTION. Its finely polished exterior is sure to draw attention. The sparkling look is no easy, imitable feat. With its elegant branding on the side, you can rest assure of its authenticity.

What you need from a product of the sort is the lux and elegance that the office GOLD collection is all about. Its place on your desk is all about adding to it. And all the while making sure that it camouflages in with the rest of your choice of office items and technology. What better way to complete the setting than with similarly-looking objects?

Hack no2: Various needs, various makeup storage solutions

Ever considered the possibility that cramming everything is one box is not the best solution for your organising problems? Albeit a beautiful box of course but maybe something is amiss. The ineffective toss-it-all in the drawer technique will only buy you so much time. Then you realise everything’s a mess and you can’t actually locate anything. You’re clutter-loving now and any future attempt to organise is over. Well, you’re pretty much accustomed and comfortable with this state of affairs.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. You could have brilliantly organised systems with a tad bit of effort. If you have specific beauty items, why not find their place in a specialised beauty box? We just so happen to have designed our makeup storage acrylic organisers with that in mind.

Eyelash makeup storage organiser made of crystal glass with open drawersGot a collection of small items which absolutely need their share of space and a ton of showcasing? The LUVLASH Eyelash Organiser might be exactly what’s made for you! You’ve brilliantly set up your trendy eyelashes, and here’s what’s next: what about that lipstick? There’s never been a woman in history without a love affair for lipstick! You surely must have amassed a vast collection by now. Your shades range from hot pink to mysterious purple. You’re going to need displaying them and most importantly: find them within reach.


The Crystal Spinning Lipstick/Powder Tower arrives to the rescue!

Lipstick Tower makeup storage organiser with diagonally arranged lipsticks and brushes in the side compartments and powders in the compartments below

There’s its clear Lucite material glass and its literal towering height. That’s how you’ll find yourself marveling at the beauty of your makeup.

There’s plenty of room for brushes and eyeliner. Not to mention highlighters and other similar products. But instead, why not complete the setup with the Brushtidy Makeup Brush Holder? What about any of the different-sized Crystal Cup holders? The vanity area is bound to impress onlookers.

Hack no3: The GLAMOURCUBES – the luxurious solution to organising

Originally starting out with a Kardashian design in mind, the beauty boxes have yet to fall short in seeing through their promise. That promise was one of excellence in luxury and pragmatism in design. We think we’ve kept our bargain. And not only that, but as the products became more requested, so did our line of makeup storage organisers expand.

Lastly, we found ourselves creating the kind of beauty boxes that astound in look! If that is what you were looking for from your household items, you’ll never be disappointed. Our acrylic makeup storage is all about accomplishing dreams. You need look no further than our feedback and testimonial pages for relevant reviews. Glamourqueen makeup storage organiser made of crystal glass with drawers and upper lid open and the Tatler logo

Sometimes, we all need to be suprised with the gift of a lifetime. Could you ever think of a more amazing present than these luxurious makeup storage beauty boxes?

If you think about your chosen beauty products and other people buying them – there’s few who would get you! Few who would figure out the specific type of shade that you need or the specific product that you’re lacking in. Most items are out of reach and out of style to our loved ones.

These cubes, on the other hand, will never fail in putting a genuine smile on a woman and makeup lover’s face.

So what’s in store for your organising future? It definitely all depends on you and your expanding beauty collection. You’re going to need tall, sturdy organising cubes. Or maybe you’re more comfortable with the mini-sized makeup holder. Don’t you just hate it when the tall products don’t seem to fit anywhere in an upright position? What about a cube without lid? That should most definitely suffice from what we hear.

Try being in line with the trends and you might find yourself purchasing the biggest makeup storage we’ve got. Available with different designs just like all are variously-sized cubes, it’s a showstopper indeed. It’s also the closest in design with the Kardashian ones, so no wonder?

Makeup lovers unite

With all these beauty organising hacks, how could you not feel part of the stylish crowd? We’ve got a great, amazing flock of followers and we keep them updated about these amazing organisers. Come join the fab club whenever you feel like being on top of your vanity game. Or why not, if you just wanna feel that much more glam than you were before?

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