Is the Mini Makeup Storage made for you?

If you’re still undecided which makeup storage will take care of your makeup’s needs, don’t prolong anymore! Among your favourite makeup products, there’s tons of varied versions of the same kind. Others are uniquely designed and so require your attention when storing them. Will they really fit in the assigned compartments? How will you know lest you try and search for enough storage solutions online? It’s about time you found the perfect, luxury beauty organiser for your makeup possessions. The ones that help bring out the artist in you. And the ones that make it possible for you to create the most stylish looks. So, where should you start? Smart, we think.

You know us: we’ve got a varied collection of makeup organisers. The whole line of Glamourcubes spans six types of makeup storage organisers. Among these are two designs of a smaller type of beauty box cube that could fit a small makeup collection. As we mention in passing the other two, both the medium size and the large version, we’d like to focus on the one top charter of our original collection of acrylic beauty organisers. It’s non other than the stylish Glamourcube Mini – the one guilty pleasure of all beauty lovers, that adorns the dressing table of makeup artists and celebrities alike.

The Glamourcube Mini makeup storage comes in two exquisite flavours: The round handle version and the rectangular version. You couldn’t wish for a better overall look afterall! The luxurious design is there to complete any collection of organisers that you might have. And most importantly, it’s meant to blend or bring out the spark of whatever living space you decide to place the storage in. Similarly, the other two makeup storage versions also have the two type of designs available.


The Glamourcube Mini has got 3 drawers and 4 tiers. Inside those drawers you’ll find the handiest set of dividers. Firstly, the ‘X’ divider, another pair of vertical dividers and the Grid divider. All coming in handy and providing creative ways to separate your makeup products into categories. It all depends on dimension and type. But either way: it’s up to you to get creative! Next, the taller top section is 7cm in height and the drawers are 4cm in height. Essentially, the makeup storage cube is greatly appreciated for its compact form and used by anyone from beauty lovers to celebrities to store every type of item! It can be used both for makeup products, as well as storing anything from trinkets to craft items and jewellery.


The Glamourcube Mini makeup storage filled with makeup products

The Glamourcube Mini makeup storage is well-regarded as the one accessible cube that serves a couple of original purposes. One is to measure and calculate the amount of space you would really need to allot to your beauty items before you even start splurging! This way your makeup products are sure to find a home in any subsequent organiser – if your cube turns out not to be spacious enough. And secondly, if your collection is as petite as assumed, you would be capable of nicely organising all of it inside the Mini cube. There’s no way to go wrong when it comes to it! You’ve got yourself sorted organisation-wise.

The Glamourcube Mini turns out to be a game changer in more ways than one, proving that its quality goes beyond surface-level. Once unpacked, the majority of our customers are baffled to find out the makeup storage item is in fact, as advertised! Its sparkly surface is difficult to miss and you’ll find yourself not wanting to look away from the attention-seeking luxury good. So, you haven’t been fooled by the advertisment. You’ve taken a gamble this way that turned out to be the most beneficial in a while. How could this be? There’s always something to gain from believeing the right brand and our former customer feedback (among which we include celebrities), doesn’t lie. Sometimes you have to put something in to get something back. It’s completely worth it!


We think anyone who has a collection of items to store, would take immense pleasure in organising their favourite items in perfect order. This includes and is especially relevant for makeup products. And the Glamourcube Mini makeup storage will prove little disappointment in that department. Never underestimate the virtues of a sparkly, stylishly-made item. Any beautiful and practical product such as the makeup organisers we have for you, is sure to make your day better. At least that’ll happen a little bit at a time.

And also, not to mention, it’ll keep your hands and minds busy when you feel the need to have a break from everyday life. Who would be the best beneficiary of the chunky, sturdy and elegant makeup storage cube?

  • Your makeup collection is very small but needs the right spacious, yet not to crowded storage to have for a home. We’ve got you sorted with the finest cube!

  • You’ve had a growing makeup collection for quite some time. Now you always need a storage place for the remaining trinkets. And not to mention the accessories! These don’t fit neither aesthetically nor organisationally anywhere else.

  • You’ve limited your vanity area and dressing table to a specific place. This way you find that only small storage boxes would suit the setup. No problem, as you know, the cube is only 9″x9″x9″ or 25cm x 25cm x 25cm in size.

  • The 3 dividers it comes equipped with means that your makeup collection will be kept in place and in order. That would be as simple as you can imagine your powders fitting nicely in the ‘X’ divider and the mascara finding their place in the pair of vertical dividers and the grid divider.

  • You have tons of makeup products and you never quite seem to find them hidden beneath numerous objects. Our Glamourcube Mini is made of the finest Plexiglas® 100% new acrylic material, which gives it its quality look and brightness; That means you’ll never misplace your products! 

It’s high time you made your makeup collection shine with the right makeup storage product. Since your items have been bothering you for quite some time, as disorderly as they seem, this is the moment to take the plunge to save them from their misery. The glamourcube mini makeup storage should suit your living space quite nicely.