This House Was Clean Yesterday We're Sorry You Missed It

Summer, the one time of the year most people look forward to.  When it comes to summer it can mean unscheduled days, adventure, days spent relaxing with family members and friends.

Having a spring clean is essential to have you prepared for enjoying your summer without having to worry about clutter in your homes.

Struggling to keep things tidy?  Here we have some tips for you to declutter and maintain your home:

1. Declutter checklist.

Start with areas in the home that have a lot of traffic and tend to build up a lot of clutter.  You will need to write down rooms in the home which you need to declutter starting from the first floor going up. 

2. Time to let go of unused items!

Designate a large box or an area in a room for belongings you don't need anymore.  You can have two separate piles, one for giving away to a charity and the other pile for selling.

3. Get signing up for selling.

Set up accounts with Ebay or your local community website such as Gumtree to make some money back from your unused items.  

4. Have a home for every item.  

The next best step in becoming really organised is making sure there is a home for every single item.  This will ensure tidying up is a piece of cake as you will know exactly where to store everything. If you don't have a home for everything, you can revamp old shoe boxes or purchase some nice triple box sets and label them, such as 'receipts', 'photos' etc and store them neatly on top of wardrobes, hidden under a bed or even stack them neatly in a corner.

5. Finishing touches.  

Add some nice finishes touches such as a vase and flowers to create a lovely environment for you to enjoy.

Happy Organising!