Reasons to throw away your makeup bag

With a glimpse of normality on the horizon, even if you may not feel inspired by the idea of a spring clean, now more than ever it is time to maintain personal hygiene as we begin to emerge from lockdown - and your makeup bag could be doing more harm than good…

We’ve all been there - it’s easy to chuck products and unwashed brushes into your makeup bag and forget about them. However, many makeup bags are water absorbent, and the fabric lining can absorb moisture, causing bacteria growth inside the bag and therefore on your products and brushes too. Not only this, but it’s the ideal space to accumulate crumbs, fluff, and various unidentifiable bits of dirt which will then be massaged into your skin upon your next makeup application, leading to potential breakouts.

Effective storage is the makeup enthusiast’s best friend.

Give your makeup the care and respect it deserves by keeping your products and brushes organised. With the help of acrylic storage units you can compile an organised makeup collection even Marie Kondo would be proud of. (If you haven’t already, take a look at our ultimate guide to Spring cleaning your makeup collection.)

Here’s why you should throw away your makeup bag in favour of acrylic makeup storage:

1. Make life easier. Made from high grade acrylic with crystal-like clarity, our organisers allow you to see the contents from all angles and locate products with ease, saving you time and unnecessary stress in your daily routine. This is further aided by the individual compartments, so each type of product and brush can have its own dedicated home that is easy to reach.

2. Save money. Our acrylic storage units boast a light transmission of 92%, meaning you can easily see what products you have and reduce the chance of losing them. Furthermore, by investing in a good quality organiser, the long lifespan of acrylic means you won’t be required to buy replacements as you may do with makeup bags. 

3. Accommodate your room’s needs. Whether you’re restricted on desk space and need something with height like our Glamourcube® Tall, or something shorter and wider like our lash storage case or compact unit - check out our full range to find your perfect storage solution. 

4. Cleanliness. At this point many of us are familiar with the routine of washing our hands thoroughly and frequently, and never leaving the house without the essential anti-bac hand gel and face mask. Nevertheless, it’s easy to overlook the grime in our makeup bags. High grade acrylic organisers are easy to wipe clean using just soap and water. Not only this, but the rigidity and dedicated sections for different products can prevent and/or minimise any spillages, so you can ensure optimum cleanliness and display your collection with pride.