World Environment Day - how you can help

Tips on what YOU can do to save the environment:
  1. Don't buy plastic bags.  Use cloth bags instead.
  2. Conserve energy! Turn off the lights to brighten our environment. 
  3. Use rainwater for your indoor plants – they love it, and you’ll save water at the same time.
  4. Don’t keep the water running while brushing your teeth. You will save as much as 11 litres every time.
  5. Green your office: print double-sided, turn off monitors, start an office recycling program.
  6. Host a World Environment Day celebration. Clean up your neighbourhood. And don’t forget to register your activity on
  7. Mobilise your friends to celebrate World Environment Day! Use Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, SMS, text, email – it doesn’t matter how, just get the word out!
  8. Plant a tree this year!  This is the International Year of Forests so why not celebrate by planting a tree with friends or family.
  9. Think of ways to reuse plastics and old items.