Celebrities are hovering around the GlamourLiving makeup storage organisers! You must get in on the newest fashionable trend that our beauty organisers represent. How do you complete such a feat? We’ll let you in on all our secrets and what makes our brand such a celebrity-magnet. This way, you’ll become part of the “it crowd” and never worry that you’ll be out of style. Our makeup storage is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Do you think you’re made for it?

All that you’ve ever wanted to know about the experience of owning one of these exclusive beauty organisers is readily available for you. You’ll find out what these famous people and celebrities had to say about the exquisite gift as well as what it was like unpacking and getting to own the luxurious commodity. You’re but a short step of becoming one of the lucky owners of the luxury beauty cubes. So lean back, get a cuppa. And enjoy the testimonial feedback we’ve received from the likes of Magali Gorre, Katie Piper or Francine Lewis. We’re sure you’ll have fun with the read. Lastly, you’ll receive all the information you might need before purchasing your dream gift. How great does that sound?


Who’s who of the celebrity world has been part of our select clientele. The luxury makeup storage owners, had nothing but praise to give to our brand. They’re no different than our regular customers in that regard. In turn, we don’t know how we would survive without the excellent feedback we receive. So do keep them coming! Meanwhile, why don’t we give a summary of our customer base? The people visiting our Shop come from all walks of life but there’s one thing they have in common: a desire to improve their beauty game and luxurious setup for their makeup, jewellery, trinket collections.

Also, these makeup organisers end up being stocked in various beauty parlours and locations throughout England. So always be on the look out for our makeup storage quality. You never know if it’ll be minutes away from where you live! Lastly, the various celebrities we’ve had as customers have been just as impressed as any of our customers and then some! Assuming that they should receive what they’ve paid for, their expectations were met. And overtaken too once the luxury makeup storage turned out to be much better than expected and way beyond what they could have imagined! We hope you’ll experience the same effect as well once you get a load of these beautifully exquisite makeup storage cubes.

The Glamourqueen

Magali Gorre holding the GlamourLiving makeup storage package with the logo on top

Magali Gorre having to wait before unpacking her Mother’s Day Present

Is the largest of our luxury collection of makeup organisers and a stand alone in the organiser game. Its virtues are well exalted by the likes of Magali Gorre who just can’t get enough of it. She was so delighted with the rectangular handle design version of the Glamourqueen that she received as a Mother’s Day gift that she ended up purchasing many more products on her own.

Standing tall and bright at 34cm in height and stretching as long as 38cm wide, the Glamourqueen can accomodate your entire makeup collection as you please. It comes with a set of three different dividers, a pair of slide dividers, an ‘X’ divider and a grid divider – all the better to fit your makeup products of different various sizes in the manner in which you find it most efficient! This piece of art features 6 tiers of all equal height (4cm) comprising of 5 drawers and a lift top section at the top.

The Glamourcube Mini

The smallest addition to our makeup storage cubes is the Glamourcube Mini. With its petite size, it’s impressed the likes of Kerry Katona, who found suitable usage of the beauty box for her makeup products. She was so delighted that she couldn’t “wait to put my new make-up in it thank you soooo much xxxx”. We would be just as enthusiastic over having to organise our favourite products into one of these classy cubes that truly capture everyone’s attention.

One of our initial storage products, which along with the Glamourcube Original and the Glamourqueen are closest to the Kardashian original design, has been accomodating makeup collections for the longest time and has even had features to show for it: The Glamourcube Mini with the original round handles. Small beauty boxes should fit a dimensionally confined setup: no problem, the cube is only 9″x9″x9″ or 25cm x 25cm x 25cm size-wise. The 3 dividers it comes equipped with means that your makeup collection will be kept in place and in order simply as you can imagine your nailpolish fitting nicely in the ‘X’ divider. And the mascara along with the lipstick finding their place in the pair of vertical dividers and the grid divider.

The Glamourcube

Francine Lewis with the GlamourLiving Glamourqueen makeup storage filled with makeup products

The Glamourcube Original has become everyone’s choice of makeup storage organiser because of its ideal dimensions and beautiful design. Just ask Francine Lewis who has been gushing over her newest purchase. The English Actress has been thoroughly impressed by the luxury cube. Former Miss Great Britain Cally Jane Beech and participant in Reality TV LoveIsland has been a customer of the GlamourLiving acrylic makeup storage brand. Praising the sturdy, luxurious organisers, she chose the Vogue-featured Glamourcube Original. She recommends the makeup storage fully and without hesitation. Cally Jane Beech tweet

If you’re looking at any of our original Glamourcubes, you’ll find them in these specifications which correspond to the regular size: 12.5″x12″x12″. So with this information in mind, you can always fit whichever cube you’re looking at into its corresponding place. Firstly mentally and then physically doing the measurements ahead of time, before your cube even arrives!

The Crystal Spinning Lipstick TowerMagali Gorre with her GlamourLiving Crystal Spinning Lipstick Tower filled with makeup products

The pièce de résistance and a celebrity favourite has been and will remain the Crystal Spinning Lipstick Tower. Standing 33cm high is the Crystal Spinning Tower. Its wider side is almost just as long at 25cm. The classic look can be accounted for through its slim waist at 13cm in depth. Have the inch measurements as well, as reference: 13″ x 10″ x 5″ (Height x Width x Depth).

What is it like to positively fall in love with the Crystal Lipstick Tower? You can ask anyone from Katie Piper to Magali Gorre. Francine Lewis also owns one! Katie Piper was very excited to unpack her Tower and Magali had just received her Mother’s Day gift and decided to expand her makeup storage collection. Essentially, everyone loves the Crystal Tower. And why shouldn’t they?

Essentially, the Lipstick and Powder makeup storage can house up to 72 lipsticks. Also, it can fit a maximum of 16 eyeshadow/powder palettes. It also comes with additional side compartments where most products would fit neatly. Most of the time, these spaces end up being occupied by makeup brushes or lip pencils. But the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, there’s literally lots of room for individual preferences.

Bonus: Brushtidy Brush Holder & Perfume Tray

Magali Gorre found it the perfect addition to her vanity area after stocking on previous similar ilk products from us. The Perfume Tray is one of a kind in the world of makeup storage solutions. The sturdiness of the glass means the product will never break and its elegant design is a show stopper.

Katie Piper loves her Brushtidy Brush Holder! The best selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner has been a lovely follower. She’s also an avid shopper of our beauty organisers. She’s not stopping at one but trying out selections of the entire range!

The owners of our glamorous luxury storage couldn’t be more happy regardless of background! Celebrities do take just as much joy as any other from purchasing and then getting to organise the makeup storage units. You could always share this stylish similarity with them!

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