Week after week we find ourselves being carolled by the likes of you: our numerous customers. You guys report nothing short of complete satisfaction after acquiring our luxurious makeup storage organisers. In turn, we take pride in having filled the tidy homes of our patrons with the highest quality products. We so happen to be completely determined to produce them constantly!

Among our varied clientele, it stands to reason we’ve drawn in most makeup lovers from all walks of life. This includes people in the public eye. Celebrities, in fact, adore the GlamourLiving cubes just as much as the next person!

Cally Jane Beech on the red carpet smiling

Pride in quality, not just for show

Francine Lewis next to the GlamourLiving acrylic crystal makeup storage with makeup products insideOur acrylic makeup storage was never meant to be a perishable product in the vast sea of beauty organisers. The thing we had in mind for its original design was one unique aspect. Its quality had to be expectably observable to the naked eye. Why? Because true luxury can’t be manufactured or faked in the process.

With these set expectations, we conformed to the habits and needs of beauty lovers and makeup users. Whilst also taking into account all the conceivable variations.

  • We considered a varied product selection that would need all kinds of spaces to fit in.
  • Also, we looked at specific individual collections. These ought to be located in the same compartments, neatly grouped.
  • But we also never forgot to include, entertain and create the kind of aesthetic that is truly luxurious in apperance.

We started with the original makeup organisers, consisting of the Glamourcube® Original, Glamourcube® Mini and the Glamourqueen. The latter resembled the Kardashian makeup storage the most.

Afterwards, we expanded to include our varied selection of makeup containers. These include the newly designed rectangular handle beautybox organisers as well as other makeup storage organisers. To mention a couple, the Crystal Spinning Tower and the Acrylic Gold Metal Collection office supply organisers. All the while never missing the quality beat.

Give and Take

As the no 1 provider of makeup storage solutions in the UK, we’ve been very straightforward with our mission. That was to get as much glam as possible inside every makeup user’s home. It stands as no surprise that based on your fabulous feedback, we’ve been able to assure and sustain the kind of original Kardashian design throughout our collection of makeup organisers.

Your makeup storage reviews are still our go to choice of feedback. In turn, we’ll make sure our standards never falter.

Among Celebrities

There’s a saying about people who move in the same circles. According to it, that must mean they’re alike. Ever made from similar ilk.

Knowing that our varied customers include UK’s who’s who, could you believe that puts you on a similar level? As women, as well as beauty artists, newbies or pros, we do seek the highest aesthetic look for our products. And as efficient task-makers and pragmatic people, we want what’s best. Especially in terms of quality.

Our makeup storage products are sought out by people from all walks of life. Whether it’s a bit too pricey or whether there’s too much expectation, at the end of the day, organiser unpacked, everyone stands to marvel. Every customer agrees they’ve made the right call. To find out more about it, all it takes is having a go at reading our customer reviews and testimonials.

Our constant shoppers

Now you know: you’re not alone and you don’t really have to be! Come join us on our social media to get a glimpse of whatever we share makeup storage and beauty-related. Other posts include celebrities, fashion and lifestyle!

 You’ll find out that among our shoppers we’ve had the likes of Katie PiperCally Jane Beech, Magali Gorre, Shanie Ryan, Vogue Williams and so many others!

Kerry Katona at an event smiling

Kerry Katona

Media personality and singer, has purchased the smallest member of our makeup storage family, the Glamourcube® Mini. She was so delighted that she couldn’t “wait to put my new make-up in it thank you soooo much xxxx”. We share her enthusiasm still!



Katie Piper smiling with hand on neck at event

Katie Piper

The best selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner has been a lovely follower and an avid shopper of our beauty organisers. Not stopping at one but trying out selections of the entire range! At present, she boasts a Crystal Spinning Lipstick/Powder Tower and the Brushtidy Brush organiser. Her makeup couldn’t be in better drawers!

You too could let our storage do all the work. Our makeup holders keep your beauty products in top order and perfect shape!

Magali Gorre

Housewives of Cheshire Magali had just received her Mother’s Day Gift in advance! Waiting to open up her gift was daunting indeed, but when the celebratory day came, her hands were completely wrapped around her huge makeup organiser! We’re glad we’ve made our contribution to her lovely home!

Have you a giantesque makeup collection, the Glamourqueen (with rectangular handles) would be perfect for you! Not only would it be the makeup holder you’ve always dreamed of, but it will surpass Magali Gorre pretending to look displeased holding the GlamourLiving packageyour expectations in terms of style and organisation!

Cally Jane Beech

Former Miss Great Britain Cally Jane Beech and participant in Reality TV LoveIsland has been a customer of the GlamourLiving acrylic makeup storage brand. Praising the sturdy, luxurious organisers, she chose the Vogue-featured Glamourcube Original. She recommends the makeup storage fully and without hesitation after being completely impressed.

Thanks for this amazing acrylic makeup organiser!! Great heavy quality and so much storage highly recommend these girls!

Francine Lewis

English actress, model, television presenter and impressionist Francine Lewis has been all but too vocal about her love of organising her brand new makeup storage. And we love it! Currently, she owns the Glamourcube Original (rounded handles) and Crystal Lipstick/Powder Tower. Great choices too!

Luxurious Brand

When it comes to public reach, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg! Our customers have been numerous. Some more famous than others. Either way, we’re dedicated to providing the best storage services. This way, your desk tidy and your vanity area end up being the space you’re most fond of inside your home. We’re also not shy of letting you know that you are in the very best of company. Not to mention, your search for efficiency and luxury is shared with fab ladies and public figures!

Convinced yet? Find out more about our previous features and celebrity endorsements.

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