Independent Personal Shopper and Image Consultant Cleo Lacey has a new video showcasing some of her newly acquired products. She’s expanded on what it means to own the makeup storage organisers. We see her with her three glamorous products. Read further to find out more.

In her latest video, beauty lover and personal shopper, Cleo Lacey, dedicates her video blogs to fashion, lifestyle and beauty consumers alike. They have nothing but the best to gain from hearing her talk about the varied purchases she comes across as well as all thei benefits and intriguing differences. Such was the case with our brand of makeup organisers, who found a home in her household. So far, she’s been very pleased with her Glamourqueen with round handles. Being a massive fan of the reality TV genre, she had had a previous glimpse of the Kardashians owning their very own similarly designed makeup storage. Needless to say, she then became a fan of the GlamourLiving brand as well. Cleo Lacey with her Glamourqueen luxury acrylic makeup storage organiser filled with makeup products

As a token of our appreciation for her clear-cut review and fabulous representation, we’ve offered to send her a couple of more products: the Perfume Tray and the Jewellery Holder. These makeup storage organisers are a must in any makeup lover’s arsenal and on any dressing table. You’ll find after owning them that you have no clue how you could previously go on without them! And hopefully, you’ll let us know everything that you thought about them in a review of some sorts. Such as the kind that you can always write on the product page of each item or by e-mailing us along with your pictures, as well as directly posting about your experience. Don’t forget, there’s always our social media accounts that we can be reached through!

To be the owner of our makeup organiser, is the most glamorous experience you can go through as a beauty lover. You’ll never lack in style, elegance and beauty with our makeup storage solutions. How would you like to know more about what Cleo Lacey has purchased and received from our brand?

First of, our Glamourqueen organiser is one of the best sellers in our midst. It boats a design that is closest to the Kardashian one and the unique quality of being the largest and most accomodating for larger makeup collections. You could never be left without space to arrange your lipsticks, powders, mascaras and makeup palettes! It gives you as much diversity as possible in organising your beauty products as you see fit.

Secondly, the Jewellery Holder is one of a kind among its jewellery storage counterparts. No where will you find a more befitting combination of style and practicality in a makeup storage designed to hold all your trinkets and small jewellery items in place. Not to mention the larger pieces which have their very own location secured in the complexly designed cube. With all its different compartments, it’s sure to become a crowd pleaser.

The Perfume Tray is the last item on our list of makeup storage organising solutions which is owned by Cleo Lacey. She’s found the item perfectly fashionable. And also, most importantly, very high quality. It’s the kind of product that could never be confused with a lower class version of a tray. Once you own it, you feel and sense the difference in sturdiness and design. That’s owed to the Plexiglass material that all our makeup storage products are so famously made out of.

What else do you need to know about these beautiful makeup storage solutions? Maybe you’d like some novel information on the items to decide more readily and firmly on your future purchasing decisions. Fret not! We’ve got a few details here and there that should get you going.

The Glamourqueen is one of a kind in its category of luxury acrylic makeup organisers. This beauty box is made of the finest quality optimal clarity acrylic Lucite®. Recycled glass could never sustain or handle the weight, neither would its apperance be so strikingly beautiful. It’s 34cm in height and stretching as long as 38cm wide, the Glamourqueen can accomodate your entire makeup collection as you like. It comes with a set of three different dividers, a pair of slide dividers, an ‘X’ divider and a grid divider – all the better to arrange your makeup products of different various sizes in the manner in which you find it most efficient! This piece of art features 6 tiers of all equal height (4cm) comprising of 5 drawers and a lift top section at the top.

The Glamour Jewllery Holder can’t be beaten by most modern jewelley cases when it comes to its fine qualities. You won’t find one like it! And here’s why: Its spacious drawers and compartments are unequaled. Its design is unique, stylish and practical; Also, it’s good to mention that it matches regular makeup organisers including our own line of storage solutions. The material from which it’s made of assures prime quality and sturdiness. To top it all off, non-jewellery products are always welcome and fit neatly into the beauty box. How fabulous are all these perks?

It’s a nifty, spaciously designed, small makeup storage. Nonetheless, it will do the job. The Classic Perfume Tray is well sought out. It finds a place and some unique application in different spaces. The imagination can run wild when it comes to products that would fit in it splendidly. Cleo Lacey has used it to fit all her beautiful perfume collection items into place. She’s very glad of the final result!

So what do our products provide? The kind of luxury and elegance that is so specific for our makeup storage line. You’ll find it in each and every one of our selective collections: the Glamourcubes, our acrylic storage collection, the GOLD collection and more! But don’t just take our word for it: you always have the option to find out more from the horse’s mouth, as they say. There’s much to learn about the potential of owning one of the beauty box cubes and plenty of opinions to encounter along the way. Finally, this should all serve as some kind of learning adventure that should be preceding for your final purchase. Thus, you’ll decide on the best option for yourself and your makeup collection!

Watch Cleo Lacey’s video here or on YouTube:

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