If you are one of our long-time customers, you’re probably aware of our pieces d’oeuvres, namely the organising trio that the Glamourcube Original, Glamourqueen and Glamourcube Mini are in our product range and the world of beauty storage boxes.

Meanwhile, we’ve successfully launched several other beauty organising products which have already found a home in the private residence of our lovely customers, some of which happen to also belong to the vip crowd.

The Acrylic Collection and the Gold Collection are the newest lines which aim to serve the rest of your organising needs: from arranging perfumes to displaying all your shades of lipstick in neatly rows; While some of the products, once owned, can provide the necessary touch of luxury in an otherwise mundane office space.

The Acrylic Collection speaks to the makeup artist in you, to avoid the perpetual smudges or to have direct access to your favourite brushes. The Gold Collection is all about providing both sturdy and luxurious products to amp you up in your daily routines.

The two collections were perfectly designed for you and await your purchase. Happy shopping!

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