Curves and Kisses is one of our many former customers who has decided to make the right step towards securing the best makeup storage available on the market. She’s made her very own vanity area look absolutely superb and welcoming to all onlookers and visitors. Would you like to setup your own beauty area? You might be steps away from a dream come true. The first step being procuring yourself one of our exquisite beauty cubes. From thenceforth, the rest should follow.

Curves and Kisses YouTube Video

One of our lovely former customers has made a YouTube video showcasing the benefits of owning a whole array of makeup storage. She starts off the video by presenting the none other than Crystal Spinning Lipstick/Powder Tower with all her lipstick collection in check, neatly arranged inside. She has several tinnier organisers which serve similar purposes in storing her vast makeup collection. Together, it all builds up to a classy and beautifully organised beauty area that should serve as a reminder and as an example of what you can achieve if you go looking in the right places.

Although we don’t recommend cheap products, nor the ones with inferior design, we are more than capable of reorienting you towards better alternatives. Our makeup storage products are indeed much sturdier and much better quality than anything you could ever find on the market. And the Crystal Spinning Tower is no exception to the rule. The difference between the Lipstick Tower and the rest of the storage units can be easily spotted at a glance.

Magali Gorre with her Crystal Spinning Lipstick Tower makeup storage on the right side filled with makeup brushes products and lipstick

Magali Gorre with her Crystal Spinning Lipstick Tower

What you want, is to fill up your chosen makeup organisers with the makeup collection that you’ve planned on expanding. Needless to say, the variations in quality will start to become evident in time and as time goes on: at first glance, the different glass materials might stand out ostentatiously and with time: the degradation, dust and broken parts will start to become evident. It’s not so much about the onlookers getting a glimpse of some broken plastic, as much you cheating yourself from the quality that you truly need and most importantly, deserve! Our makeup storage sturdiness goes a long way and what you want is the type of design that is cohesive throughout your makeup collection.

Our makeup storage line

The organisers we’ve produced are one of a kind in the family of makeup storage designs available. There’s none quite like the GlamourLiving brand. On one hand, you’ll be able to spot the kind of beauty boxes that should suit all your organising desires. On the other hand, there’s the specific storage solutions that we’ve implemented when it comes to your lipstick, perfumes, makeup brushes, jewellery, eyelashes and office items. You’re bound to find what you truly need in the variety our storage line comes available in.

So you’ll never be at a budget loss, nor will you have to succumb to purchasing cheap or less functional products. Now, you’re free to store your makeup collection and various trinkets as well as adjacent products exactly as you please. Makeup storage has to bend to your needs, not the other way around. Here, at GlamourLiving, we feel we’ve accomplished such a feat. You’ll be the judge of it of course. And yet so far, so good!

The CRYSTAL SPINNING LIPSTICK/POWDER TOWERThe Crystal Spinning Lipstick Powder Tower makeup storage with diagonally arranged lipstick and makeup brushes in the side compartment from a high angle

One of our most sought out bestselling products is none other than the Crystal Spinning Lipstick/Powder Tower. It houses both your lipsticks and other products that you might find they could conveniently fit inside. To add them to your collection of lipsticks, means to make them part of your lipstick matching routine – so keep that in mind when rearranging and sorting your makeup collection out.

Curves and Kisses found it paramount and important to add the Crystal Tower to her collection of makeup storage organisers. Since there’s none quite like it on the market, it presents itself as the best available choice of makeup storage. Any other alternative would be of a much cheaper quality and is sure to fall flat of keeping your makeup collection in top order and top shape. With time, any poorly made product will lose its lustre and functionality, falling apart under the duress of time. You can always prevent that and assure longetivity to all your items if you purchase from the right source to begin with. Afterall, quality begets true luxury. And we here at GlamourLiving know what luxury is all about.

What does the Crystal Tower look like in real life? Well, as the named suggests, it’s akin to a metaphorical ice palace. It also serves no other purpose but to store your collection of lipstick in an orderly fashion. Not to mention, in a sturdy case. There’s plenty of room for the varied lipstick brands out there. There’s also plenty of space for additional products which complete your makeup routine.

Standing 33cm high is the Crystal Spinning Tower. Its wider side is almost just as long at 25cm. The classic look can be accounted for through its slim waist at 13cm in depth. If it would be easier to consider, take the inch measurements as well as reference: 13″ x 10″ x 5″ (Height x Width x Depth). Getting down to the nitty gritty of it, the Lipstick and Powder makeup storage can house up to 72 lipsticks. Also, it can fit a maximum of 16 eyeshadow/powder palettes. It also comes with additional side compartments where most products would fit neatly. Most of the time, these spaces end up being occupied by makeup brushes or lip pencils. But the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, there’s literally lots of room for individual preferences.

When you own one of our makeup storage items, you don’t just feel like the luckiest makeup owner in the world. You truly feel like you’ve struck gold! Owning our beauty box is a treat. Head to our testimonial page if in doubt and in need of more information. We’re just be right here, waiting for you to start the glamorous lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. And also, to welcome you to the GlamourLiving family!

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