How Much Does Delivery Cost?

Delivery is free in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland and Highlands & Islands). For delivery in Europe and Northern Ireland, there is a delivery cost which can be found in the International Shipping Fees section below.

Delivery, how quick is it?

As our Glamour boxes are a luxury handmade product, there may be times when we are completely sold out.  They are not machine produced and in fact a massive amount of hard work and dedication goes into producing these beauties.  If we have your Glamour box in stock at the time of purchase we can deliver it in 2 -5 days after receiving payment. However, if we unfortunately do not have it in stock at the time of purchase and ordering then we will email you with an estimated delivery time which can be anywhere between 1-6 weeks.  Whilst we will always do our very best to reduce production times the quality of our Glamour boxes will never be compromised.

Isn’t this just a piece of plastic, what am I paying for?

It takes several hard grafting steps to produce the final luxurious Glamour boxes.  We feel that the price accurately reflects the honest, hard work and pride that goes into each and every product we develop.       We work very closely with our manufacturers to provide our customers with the best materials and finished products.  We use only the highest grade materials and the most experienced workmanship when manufacturing our products, skipping no corners, because at the end of the day, we want you to enjoy this item and to take pride in it everyday, just as we do when producing it. This is an item that is designed to give our end consumer a luxury and elegant product to enjoy on a daily basis.

I can see some air bubbles

Air bubbles occur naturally in the gluing process and are not deemed a manufacturing fault.  They cannot be completely avoided due to the nature of the manufacturing process of the product.  Thanks to our extremely skilled and professional workers, the production process is carried out extremely diligently to avoid and reduce bubbling.

How can I care for my product?

Only use lint-free or Microfiber cloths to clean your product.  A damp cloth can be used to wipe off dust.  To remove any smudges a mild soap can be used with a damp cloth.

Do not wipe with any paper towels as you may risk scratching the acrylic.

Keep away from direct heat and/or sunlight.

Along with our basic instructions, using our non toxic one step spray can help to extend the life of your product and keep it looking new.  It is a professional standard fluid developed specifically for acrylic.  The cleaning kit helps to keep the acrylic shiny and prevent fingerprints.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, however we only ship our Glamourcubes within UK & Europe.  Please see our ‘International shipping fees’ table for rates to ship to your country.

Our smaller products we ship outside of UK & Europe – you may view the ‘International shipping fees’ table to see which countries outside of Europe we ship to.

What is the Returns Policy and what do I do if I received Damaged Goods?

We make every effort to ensure that our customers receive their newly purchased Glamour Living product in pristine condition, which as always is thoroughly checked for any imperfection as before they are wrapped, packed and posted with passion, love and care, however we are aware that in some unfortunate cases, goods can be damaged in transit or other ways.

Please see our full Returns Policy for instructions on what to do and who to contact along with our Terms & Conditions

Do I get dividers for the drawers of my product?

Yes!  Included in the Glamourcube original and Glamourqueen are 3 sets of dividers:

-Grid divider – It’s easy to segregate the drawer to your needs. No-one wants their mascaras with their lipsticks. Use our movable grid inserts to separate your make-up to your needs.

-X divider – If you wish to section off certain cosmetics.  The X can also be separated so feel free to use the other part in another drawer.  There are no set rules with using our dividers.

-A pair of Vertical dividers- If the contents of your drawer are constantly changing then you can slide the pair of vertical dividers to accommodate, make more room or use less, depending on your needs. If you want to keep your makeup tightly packed in your drawer, use the slide divider to keep your items in check, simply place your items in the drawer and then pull the slide divider to suit your needs.

How is Glamourcube® Collection different from any other organiser?

There are major differences between the Glamourcube and other available products.  We can provide you with vast differences that offer superior quality to any other competitor. The Glamourcube is a luxury brand that has been created with the product in itself of breathtaking quality.  We ask you to be vigilant in your buying decisions as we have come to realise that some sellers of acrylic products can claim they use high quality acrylic when it is usually the cheapest available and made from cheap mouldings– there is no definite way of knowing the acrylic they use, although a chemical smell emitting from the product is a sign of cheap acrylic and workmanship.  This type of acrylic can also be considered recycled acrylic to reduce their costs which can later discolour or even crack spontaneously.

With our Glamourcube® collection, there is full reassurance that the acrylic supplied has been inspected by us and is of the highest quality standard and the latest technology is used to get that unique sparkling and nearly invisible crystal effect of this glamorous product. Glamourcube is also clearly etched with pride into each individual unit.  The design is very different and takes into account practicality and versatility for you.  For example, the lift top lid, other products do not have the uniqueness of it being able to lift and lay flush with the back of the unit, also the smart inserts which can be arranged to how the individual would like their cosmetics displayed.  The Glamourcube also boasts contemporary smooth handles on its drawers.  These are just some of the things that make our products superior over others.

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