Beauty bloggers and video bloggers out there are on the look out to find the best products for their niche available. Whether that be beauty, lifestyle or fashion, keeping up with the trends is all too important. The makeup storage of a beauty lover’s dreams shouldn’t be left far behind this avid search. Endless products out there of every kind await the scrutiny of beauty bloggers. And countless others await their review. But non quite could ever get their pass. That is, if they don’t fulfill the right requirments and truly amaze with the uniqueness of the product.

Why consult for MAKEUP STORAGE? CLEO LACEY GLAMOURLIVING JEWELLERY BOX and Glamourqueen and perfume tray

Behind every makeup organiser store, there lies the mind behind the product line. Have they truly put the effort in designing the best product for their customers? Or have they become lax around some paramount fundamentals of owning whichever product they would need to serve? Do they focus on design? That it should fit every household and be in line with the wants of the customers? Afterall, the customer IS always right! Or have they begun to fall back on their promises? The design looks cheap and it should be suited better for an outdated home. Not to mention, the organiser itself, is falling appart. It’s truly not worth the money on the long term and everyone who has purchased it, knows it eventually.

There’s always a solution to every fall back. That should be the next move once you find out you’ve been misled. But no worries, there’s always great reviewers out there who have gone through the trouble of critiquing whichever product you’re interested in. So there’s always reasearching them ahead of time.Before you even get a chance to make up your mind as to what organiser should suit you, you’re bound to be harassed by ads coming from all places. All the better to incite you and completely tempt you to purchase something subpar. You mustn’t be misled. By finding out ahead of time what beauty bloggers and video bloggers have had to say about said makeup storage, you’re only going to win from the experience. That kind of valuable knowledge is precious when trying to ascertain whether a product will meet your needs or not. It’s definitely not wasted time!


After you’ve consulted with the best the beauty blogger world has to offer (by using the search engine available and by filling up the browser with endless tabs), you’re just about there! It’s time that the time well spent be used to good practice. You’ve probably found out by now that there are endless options and feedback is your go-to solution to all the questions that ensue. So, is the review positive? Or is it bringing up unforgivable flaws? Could you perhaps settle? Would you forgive the product? Or maybe it’s time you find a proper product that is both outstanding in quality and at the same time, feasible? Is it one makeup storage product that should become a lifelong help? That it should prolong the experience of owning a beauty box instead of terminating it from its incipience, you’ve definitely had in mind by now. Time to be living the dream, isn’t it?

Well, what are you waiting for at this point? You’ve finally found it. And yes, we’ve got exactly the product of your dreams. Our customer feedback doesn’t lie and neither does our collection of luxury makeup storage solution products. Each product of our luxury collections are carefully estimated that they are the right price for their quality. All of our previous customers also agree on this matter. There’s nothing quite like owning one of the luxury beauty cubes we so lovingly designed to suit all of a beauty lover’s needs.

BEAUTY and VIDEO BLOGGERSGlamourcube Mini (rounded handles)

 Among our many former visitors, we’ve had quite the diversity of people! All throughout Europe and especially the United Kingdom, women and makeup lovers alike, queue for a chance to become the owners of our fashionable collection of makeup storage products. And who can blame them? We’ve had lots of celebrities simply commending the qualities of our makeup storage cubes. We’re happy to have you part of the crowd. So please do come join us. And let’s find out more from the beauty and video bloggers who have purchased our glamorous products, what it’s like to truly own one of these stylish organising products.

Video reviews

Stefy Puglisevich absolutely adores having our makeup storage cube around her office and dressing table space. She has a massive collection of makeup products so of course, she houses them accordingly. The new products have to go on top! You can hear everything there is to know about the products she’s had from us, from her YouTube channel. Find out more from one of her various videos, how she stores her makeup collection in pristine order.

 Cleo Lacey stores her vast makeup collection in the Glamourqueen. This organiser is an exact replica and the original design of the custom-made glamourcubes that the Kardashians own. Our makeup storage is bound to make cameos in Cleo’s beauty and makeup videos, so do keep a look out for it in any one of her videos.

Ciara O’Gorman has had her fair share of glamourcube reviews and she’s been so good at showcasing her beautiful collection, neatly arranged in her luxury organiser!

We’ve absolutely adored Ru Davidson’s  acrylic Cyrstal Lipstick Tower organiser review. We’re glad there’s so much putting to good use in storing the immense lipstick collection. As well as the uniqueness of the lippie products coming through and fitting still nicely in the makeup cube, it’s just so gratifying for the designer in us. We’re so content with the thorough critique. We do hope you find it just as useful!

Beauty critique

Sarah Berryman has had her fair share of beauty reviews and our Glamourqueen is not above her scrutiny. Keeping that in mind, she actually found the sturdy beauty box cube stylish and without fault. Couldn’t believe it until you’ve had a chance to try it!

Our luxury makeup storage is one of a kind in the world of beauty organisers. We wouldn’t have it any other way! So why should you? Purchase the right product that fits all your needs and don’t just settle for second best! You’ll find in our makeup storage cubes the beauty storage of your dreams.

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