You’ve probably been browsing through our unique selection of organiser cubes only to find yourself stumbling onto the old age dilemma: which product would best suit my beauty storage needs? Do I need it to fit in a specific space or does it need to occupy only a portion of the table? How large is my makeup collection and how likely am I to expand it in the near future? What do I want this newly acquired indispensable organiser to say about me?

Fret not, here at GlamourLiving we understand the unique choice you’re facing in having to pick your preferred organiser and how irreplaceable truly good household items are! So we’re keen on providing the most intelligible and relevant information available on all our products.

This week, we find our Glamourcube Mini and Glamourqueen in straight opposition! (both with round handles). Surely, you must have bumped before into these contrasting items as well and found yourself envisioning the compatibility between their qualities and your specific needs.

  • The Glamourqueen is a more faithful version of the original Kardashian makeup organiser and the Glamourcube Mini is, as the name indicates, its Mini counterpart and that of the Glamourcube Original.
  • The Glamourcube Mini stands at a petite size of 9″x 9″x 9″ or 25cm x 25cm x 25cm, whereas the Glamourqueen is a truly massive organiser that can handle the entirety of your makeup collection, 13.5″x 15″ x 12″ or 34cm x 38cm x 31cm.
  • The Glamourcube Mini is comprised of 4 Tiers, 3 drawers (taller top section is 7cm in height, drawers are 4cm in height) whilst the Glamourqueen is made of 6 Tiers, 5 drawers (drawers are all of equal height with an inside height of 4cm and the top tier inside height is 6.5cm).

Both organisers are nothing short of magnificent when it comes to their making: clear acrylic Plexiglas, the kind of optical glass that is lighter in weight while also assuring a higher breakage resistance. The best advantage of it is the luminance which creates and is the reason behind its luxurious look and the benefit is being able to locate the position of your beauty products easily inside your cube.

 Both also feature a long piano hinge across the lift top lid and authenticity engraving to the front and back of the unit.

Finally, we hope you’re more than ready to make your decision as to which of our storage products would better suit your expectations and desires.

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