Holidays are days of celebration we can all rejoice to be part of. They’re times of getting together with loved ones. And they’re also times of gift-making and present-giving. What are these special times in your life missing? If you love makeup just as much as we do, our Glamourcubes serve as the perfect gift for all ocassions. We’ve got the lo’ down right below! Go through it all to find out all about the times when our beauty makeup storage boxes make that perfect additional surprise in your loved ones lives.

You’ve probably been at a loss for a very long time, searching and browsing away through endless catalogues of products. Did it start with the harmless but well-intentioned search words ‘gift ideas’? Where did it go from there? You’ve probably decided to be more specific. That in itself warrants time and effort put into skimming the countless products each category has to offer. Aren’t you just about done and right about at your wits’ end? Surely she might need that mixer, but the thought that counts looks like it didn’t count. That’s because she won’t really use it and the colours available are abhorent, not to mention the design!

What’s the solution to your gift plight? We’ve got one or two ideas for you! You might say, you’ve come to the right place even. We’re ready and well-prepared to offer the best gift ideas you could wish, for that special person in your life that has a bit of a makeup crush going on.

The Beneficiaries

Out of all the visitors scouring about to find and deliver the best of the best in terms of present-giving as well as, the most appropiate gift that should delight the receivers, the beauty lovers are the ones that should hit the breaks right about now and here. Better yet, if at the receiving end of your present is either a makeup artist by profession or an amateur, soon to become pro one; Or perhaps a woman: daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, wives, girlfriends who’ve become a bit of a makeup junkie;

And even yourself – who is that deservant of an amazing pressie! Why not spoil yourself afterall during the holidays? Either way, you’ve probably found the treasure chest of beauty dreams that are about to come true! Our Glamourcubes are renowned to accomplish the most extreme makeup collection dreams and fit the likes of it, in the marriage of both design and pragmatism that is the makeup storage beauty box.

Magali Gorre

magali gorre housewives of cheshire with her son and glamourqueen acrylic makeup storage on mothers day with pink heart balloon

Magali Gorre with the Glamourqueen as a Mothers Day gift from her son

The lovely Magali Gorre of Housewives of Cheshire has been one of the lucky people who was given several of our beauty makeup organisers as a Mother’s Day present. Afterwards, she found it essential to keep expanding her beauty storage line with several of our makeup storage solution products. At this point, she might own more than half of our beauty line items and she couldn’t be more delighted! Here lies the testimony of her GlamourLiving experience. It’s in her ever incessant need to purchase even more of the quality products she was given originally! We’re just happy to have been of service this way.

Holidays and days of vacation are dispersed throughout the year. Are you ready for them? You think you found the right gift for your loved ones? Let’s have a look at what days throughout the year are of vital importance. They’re all about accomplishing the feat of providing the best present you could! It’s the kind of gift that the ones receiving it would be so overjoyed they couldn’t be more grateful! What sort of woman who adores makeup wouldn’t want to display their unique makeup collection in the most presentable way? And what makeup artist wouldn’t need the luxurious beauty makeup storage box to fit all their specific products into one of a kind beauty organisers? So which days warrant your attention?


What better occasion than the birthday party to give your beloved one of these exisquisite organisers? You can pick from our varied designs of Glamourcubes to find one that should suit your beloved one’s collection. We’ve even got a definite description article to help you match your chosen cube with the personality and the needs of the one receiving the luxury gift. You’ll have to find out the size of the makeup collection the owner of it has amassed. And also where she’d love to place it. Cubes with lids and different shapes, as well as handles, would need to blend in with the surroundings and the spacious location the owner has. There’s not a lot to fret about, is there? Just purchase in time so you can have it delivered on time and if you live in the UK, there’s always free delivery.


Mother’s DaySophie testimonial picture of the Glamourcube makeup storage drawer open with makeup products

The perfect time of the year to surprise the women in your life is to present them with one of our Luxury Crystal Spinning Towers or perhaps our Perfume Tray. They’re capable of making any space look elegant and classically beautiful. Both mothers and grandmothers as well as wives and girlfriends who slave away throughout the day meeting the needs of the little ones and the grown up children, deserve this level of luxury in their lives. In fact they’ll be so grateful for the exquisite gifts that you’ll become their hero or heroine for the day!

Halloween, Christmas Day, New Year’s, Easter, Bank Holidays

When you’re spending time celebrating these annual holidays, you can top them off by adding a unique gift to the mix! Having one of our beauty makeup storage boxes as well as any other product from our collections, should brighten the day of the holiday participants. It’s the best surprise the makeup and jewellery lovers in your life could ever enjoy. Should you want to know more about their impact, have a look at what previous buyers had to say about owning one of these makeup organisers. You’ll remain pleasantly surprised.

Be sure to cover all the holiday days of celebration and you won’t end up with anyone in your life thoroughly disappointed. Our makeup storage as gifts are bound to put a smile on the faces of people at the receiving end of them. You could be the one they have in mind when beholding them and marveling at their shinny splendour. And they’ll be ever grateful – so have a go at it! Why not jump on the bandwagoon of former customers that have made their lifestyle a truly glamorous one?


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