Our range of makeup storage organisers spans a wide variety of designs and versions. You’ll never be left without options and surprises in store! To own one of these beautiful makeup storage cubes is to be in a daily state of awe at your wonderful display. Wouldn’t you like this sort of view in your bedroom or bathroom? We’ve made it a bit more afordable through our Glamourcube Mini (with round handles). All you have to do next is find out about all the perks of owning one of these makeup beauty boxes and you’re set! The details should do just fine until the final purchase. But first things first: what is the Glamourcube Mini?

The Glamourcube Mini filled with makeup products on top of dressing table next to a white armchair

The whole line of Glamourcubes spans nine types of makeup storage organisers. Among these are three designs of a smaller type of beauty box cube that could fit a small makeup collection. As we mention in passing the other two, both the lidless and the rectangular handle version, we’d like to focus on the one top charter of our original collection of acrylic beauty organisers. It’s non other than the stylish Glamourcube Mini – the one guilty pleasure of all beauty lovers, that adorns the dressing tables of makeup artists and celebrities alike.

The Glamourcube Mini is the solution for every small makeup collection out there that just needs that organising boost. Without it, you’d have to suffer through endless supplies of makeup products, which are bound to overtake the dressing table and your living space. This way, with the petite Glamourcube standing by, you’ll be prepared for any unforseen expansion of your beauty product collection. And you’ll make sure you won’t overdo it in the meantime. When the time comes, you’ll surely have to get ready with a larger makeup storage beauty box. But until then, the chunky makeup box will have to do the trick! Not only that, but it will do the job in a glamorous fashion and with massive style! And you won’t be able to hide your content.

Glamourcube Mini makeup storage filled with makeup items with Brushtidy Brush organiser on top filled with brushes

What does the Glamourcube Mini look like? You must have seen it and wondered what it would be like keeping you makeup collection intact inside it. The organisation should go smoothly and having to see your makeup products in a perfect, top-shape order must be a blast. Let’s see what else is there to know.

What do you know about the cube’s design? Well, in order to answer the query, we have to head straight to the specifications of its making. For one, it’s not extremely small but definitely the petite cube of the many we have in our acrylic organiser collection. It’s 25 cm wide, high and depth-wise. Or 9 inches in the other system. These numbers should give you a clue as to the space requirments that are needed prior to purchasing the extraordinary chunky cube.

On top, you’ll find a thin lid spanning on its surface and ending with a piano hinge that keeps that lid perfectly in check. The GlamourLiving authenticity engraving on the front and the back of the beauty box should help you out when distinguishing between our brand and the cheaper versions out there. Although, this shouldn’t be the only clue: the sturdy, high quality Plexiglass is a dead giveaway. Lucite® acrylic plastic in its colorless grade is as clear as the finest optical glass but also, lighter in weight. It has a higher breakage resistance. You can’t mistake the quality of the acrylic glass compared to industrially recycled versions which are no match!

What else…?

The Glamourcube Mini has got 3 drawers and 4 tiers. Inside those drawers you’ll find the handiest set of dividers. Firstly, the ‘X’ divider, another pair of vertical dividers and the Grid divider. All coming in handy and providing creative ways to separate your makeup products into categories. It all depends on dimension and type. But either way: it’s up to you to get creative! Lastly, the taller top section is 7cm in height and the drawers are 4cm in height. Essentially, the makeup storage cube is greatly appreciated for its compact form and used by anyone from beauty lovers to celebrities to store every type of item! It can be used both for makeup products, as well as storing anything from trinkets to craft items and jewellery.

The Glamourcube Mini seems to be on everyone’s wish list of beauty and lifestyle must-haves. We can’t possibly begin to sum up its impact on our customers other than showcasing their very own testimonials and feedback. All you need to really learn is the impact it’s had on them and the subsequent succesful lifestyle improvement.

I am delighted with my Glamourcube Mini. It is the perfect size and is made of extremely strong and glossy acrylic. The customer service I received from GlamourLiving was superb. I decided to change my original purchase from the original cube to the smaller one. I could not have had any better service. They were so efficient and helpful and the turnaround was very quick. Fantastic item from a fantastic team. Many thanks.  – Victoria

I really love this makeup organizer because I really have so much makeup and this really helped me organize my makeup. – Jennifer

I’m so pleased with this the quality of the acrylic is really sparkly. I didn’t realise there was any differences between acrylic but I do have a small lipstick holder which I purchased really cheap and putting them together the Glamourcube Mini is just different it looks so much brighter and shinier so really you do get what you pay for I love it. – Nicky, Dublin

What does it mean to own the Glamourcube Mini makeup storage? An organising heaven should ensue the moment the package is set on your doorstep – at least that’s what we hear. We’ve had our fair share of product testing so, we couldn’t agree more. Our mission is afterall to provide the most fabulous and luxurious organising goods. If we’ve done our job correctly, the Glamourcube Mini should serve as the unique acrylic organiser it is, making your life easier as you go about your day. And eventually, you’ll start to relish in the benefits of owning one of these beautiful, exquisite cubes.

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