If we had a “our most prized possession” among our many makeup storage beauty organisers, it would certainly be our Glamourqueen organiser. There’s none quite like this beauty storage solution that can boast so much and yet encompass just the necessary.

 The Glamourqueen holds a very dear and important place in our store and hopefully in the hearts of our customers. Sure enough, there’s always asking them. But the overall approval rating is off the charts. This seems to be the case: the Glamourqueen becomes a match made in Heaven for all those beauty lovers out there who happen to cross its path.

 More often than not, we’ve asked our loyal followers to give us plenty of feedback. And that’s both for our own personal enlightenment and that of our future buyers. How else would we know how to improve upon what we have? And how will our visitors and potential clients know whether the product is suited for them or their loved ones? Surely there’s one way to know and that’s straight from the figurative horse’s mouth. The Glamourqueen makeup storage beauty organiser filled with makeup on a surface and brown background

The Glamourqueen is the true star of our beauty makeup storage cubes

Thank you so so much, I received my parcel today in perfect condition, it is very beautiful and as I wanted. – Edel, Sweden

I purchased this for my wife for Christmas. I ran out of ideas on what to buy her as a gift and came across this. She loves it. – Martin

The features on this are beautiful, it’s beautifully made and definitely better than another I had with an awful chemical smell. This is quality. – Dolly

My Glamourqueen has arrived I can’t believe how well packaged it was, and how heavy the box was. Once opened I couldn’t believe how stunning it was, absolutely worth every penny, the Glamourqueen is huge in size, and brilliant quality like the Kardashians I just love it, in fact I am buying a second one for my daughter Kimberley as she loves it. She took photos of it and sent them to her friends. I can’t stop looking at it, it looks stunning in my bedroom, can’t wait for my daughter to have hers. Thanks x five *****  – Sharon, Wales

I bought the Glamourqueen with the non toxic spray, I’m sooo pleased with both products and both are high quality just perfect and it looks so lovely in my room. xx – Lisa Muller, Sutton

This must have been the best Christmas gift under the tree! Definitely coming back for more I have got my eye on the brush holder now. – S Mcgarvie

Anxiously received my Glamourqueen today, I am sooo happy with it. It is big but looks good, the quality is excellent and I’m enjoying the experience in placing all my makeup in the relevant drawers. It will help me keep my makeup tidy and encourage me to put things back. YES it’s expensive but soo worth it. Thank you Glamour Living for bringing this to the UK. – Althea

I have now been searching like crazy for a website like this that had exactly what I was looking for. I will, no doubt share this on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks! – Real Style Hero

As it seems, the Glamourqueen appears to be every buyer’s dream: it doesn’t fail to demonstrate all its advertised qualities from the moment it gets unpacked to the second it sets foot on your dresser.

 Out of all our makeup storage organisers, the Glamourqueen boasts the closest likeness to the Kardashian organisers. Its design is fairly much identical to the original size and glam look of the stylish beauty box. There’s none quite like it on the market as well. The European version of the sisters’ organiser is available exclusively with us.

You’ll have no care in the world once you set your eyes on the clear Plexiglas of the makeup storage. Along with its rectangular handle counterpart as well as the other organisers of various sizes, the beauty box is made of the finest and highest quality optimal clarity acrylic Lucite®. Recycled glass could never sustain or handle the weight, neither would its apperance be so strikingly beautiful. The Glamourqueen stands as a unique addition on the European organiser market.

Standing tall and bright at 34cm in height and stretching as long as 38cm wide, the Glamourqueen can accomodate your entire makeup collection as you please. It comes with a set of three different dividers, a pair of slide dividers, an ‘X’ divider and a grid divider – all the better to fit your makeup products of different various sizes in the manner in which you find it most efficient! This piece of art features 6 tiers of all equal height (4cm) comprising of 5 drawers and a lift top section at the top.

Cleo Lacey next to her Glamourqueen makeup storage beauty organiser on a grey background on top and the Glamourqueen from the top with makeup in the lower part

Cleo Lacey with her Glamourqueen makeup storage

To distinguish it even better from potential low quality duplicates, know it has a long piano hinge across the lift top lid. And also authenticity engraving to the front and back of the unit and solid rounded handles.

The Glamourqueen assures you have some generous storage space and you always end up prepared and freshened up for every occasion to look absolutely fabulous! The makeup storage is the go-to beauty organiser for makeup artists and makeup junkies.

There’s not one storage out there that could unify the ideal qualities that every serious makeup connoisseur and owner should think about when it comes to purchasing their beauty storage. One on hand you need style and glam. On the other hand, you need practicality and storage space. Lastly, you require durability. All these are possible with the Glamourqueen and much more!

If you want to follow the trail set out by celebrities who have purchased the Glamourqueen or to resemble your idols, the Kardashians, even more – this is the ideal beauty storage for you. There’s none quite like it! You’ll probably fall in love with the makeup cube as fast as the majority of our customers did! And hopefully, you’ll let us know all about your wonderful experience owning the luxurious beauty storage that is the Glamourqueen.

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