We’re doing a little series here on the blog about different ways you can use your dividers in your Glamourcube to store your cosmetics. Up first is the grid divider, which comes with 6 large sections.


One way to use this divider is to separate out similar products, like blushers, into brand or colour.  The clear drawers are high enough for the Benefit box blushes and in a lot of cases they’re tall enough to stack products on top of each other.


Another way to use the grid divider is to store your jewellery. Each section is quite large so there is plenty of room to store even large, statement necklaces. Plus, the drawers are tall enough to store jewellery boxes which might hold earrings or bracelets.


The grid splits the drawer into 6 sections and each one is quite large, so a lot can be done with the space. It can be used to store nail polishes and separate them by colour, as for most nail polish brands, there is enough space to have two rows in each section.

We’d love to know how you use your grid divider! Leave us your tips and tricks in the comments or tweet us!

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