The Kardashians have been a household name for the past half-decade. If you really absolutely adore them, you probably want to copy their lifestyle. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Throughout their show, they’ve displayed lots of their belongings and brand-items, but did you know you could also own an exact replica of their makeup storage organiser? Find out how…

Four square-divided image with perfume tray and perfumes top left and a collection of organisers top right and a collection of dressing tables with organisers low left and the Glamourqueen makeup storage next to Mac computer low right

The GlamourLiving acrylic storage solution testimonial pictures from customers

Here at GlamourLiving, we pride ourselves with creating some of the most luxurious acrylic organisers on the British market and beyond. You’ll never find a more stylish collection of makeup storage solutions but in our midst.

The Kardashians themselves have been instrumental in the making of our acrylic organisers, as their original design has become the foundation of our own makeup storage line. Our collection of acrylic makeup storage is well sought out by anyone in the UK and Europe who wishes to keep up with the Kardashians.

There’s many variants of our makeup organisers on the markets. Yet not one can get as close to the desired look that we have managed to create and implement. The practicality of it all, as well as the sturdiness of the glam cubes, stand miles away from other cheaper versions. And the look of them is unmistakably Kardashian glam.

The orginal Kardashian series was all about displaying the fabulous life of a family that is both entertaining and mesmerising in their daily affairs. We find ourselves completely enraptured by similar attitudes and dispositions that we ourselves tend towards to in our lives. But we also crave the same high luxury and desire to emulate it as close as possible.

Kim Kardashian next to her dressing table and glamour cube makeup organiser and mirror screenshot

The Kardashian family would not be the Kardashian family if it wasn’t for their owned luxury goods that we all take a gander at and embark on a long research venture to find for ourselves. There’s nothing quite like owning one of these perfect items that we might spot on TV or the internet. They totally draw us in and we’re sure searching for these specific items will return the coveted results.

But among all the products we stumble upon, there’s bound to be some less desirable items which only hinder our progress towards getting what we truly want! Surely, among everything advertised, all products are of a specific standard and hold a certain status among their own kind. In other words, would you confuse a cheap product with a luxury one at first glance?

We think it possible. And so, you’re bound to stumble upon the worst of the worst. Looking great in theory and photo-wise but proving cheap and disastrous in person.

What about the makeup glam cubes you’ve been looking everywhere for? The Kardashians have a knack for being beauty queens themselves. You’ve probably already wanted to own not just their brand of makeup but also any other brand they own. You’ve seen their storage cube: “how do I get one of those?” you ask yourself. How do I turn myself into the same Glamour queen?

This is the part where we tell you you’ve found the right place. But it would be nothing without our fan base of followers and customers who can attest to the merits of the glam cubes. Because they are truly, one of a kind.

How else would we be able to backup all the wonderful merits of our acrylic makeup organisers? So here are some of their unique traits:

  • The acrylic storage units are made of the highest quality Plexiglas raw acrylic material. It is used unlike all the other makeup organisers on the market. The properties of the material make it so that it can withstand enough external forces, remaining sturdy. Other acrylic usage from other manufacturers has been all about recycling the acrylic material since it is easier to source this way. Never will you encounter the sort of cheap material in our organisers!
  • All of our acrylic makeup organisers are handcrafted and thus more likely to be well-refined in design and not produced by a machine on an assembly line. Thus all the details are taken care of and it becomes a very time consuming process! But also the kind that renders the most beautiful handcrafted organisers available!
  • Our makeup storage once unpacked is completely free from chemical smells since there are only non-hazardous materials & glue used in production. You’ll have your beauty box brand new and odourless once arrived at your doorstep.
  • The design and polished version of the acrylic makeup storage means that the glamour cube astounds others with its luxurious appeal and sparkly glints. How could you ever look away from it? And won’t the organising process be a huge delight? And also in the words of Katie Piper, the most exciting thing ever?

Where do you even begin once browsing through our Shop, to get a feel of what’s in store? And how should you get closer to the Kardashian lifestyle if not owning its original glam cube? The Glamourqueen is the answer to all your weary questions!

The Glamourqueen (with round handles)

The Glamourqueen acrylic makeup storage with makeup in drawers and lid open on a black background

Find yourself completely enraptured with the likes of the original Glamourqueen. It is the largest acrylic makeup storage of our collection of makeup organising solutions. Its flawless design is the closest you’ll ever encounter to the original Kardashian one. After owning it, you’ll never look back in regret: it is exactly what it appears to be!

The sleek look is the reason why it has become so sought after by celebrities and so praised by our customers alike. Your dressing table will surely end up resembling that of the Kardashians’ in no time!

As it stands till this day, the second best seller of our collection of beauty organising solutions, the Glamourqueen has also been featured in Tatler. It has 6 Tiers and 5 drawers. And its dimensions are as follows: 13.5″x 15″ x 12″ or 34cm x 38cm x 31cm (Height x Width x Depth) making it perfect for a large makeup collection! It also includes: A handy set of 3 dividers – ‘X’ divider, a pair of vertical dividers and one Grid divider. If ever need recognising, the Glamourqueen features a long piano hinge across the lift top lid. And also authenticity engraving to the front and back of the unit and solid rounded handles are its trademarks. In a sea of organising options, the Glamourqueen’s native glamorous look means you can’t miss it!

Here at GlamourLiving, we seek to provide the best of the best, so don’t be surprised when you open your Glam Box that you find exactly what you bargained for! The Kardashian acrylic organiser of your dreams is moments away from arriving at your doorstep. All you have to do, is take the leap now and have a browse through our selection. Find what suits you and your needs.

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