Our collection of makeup storage solutions extends enough to truly take care of the entierty of the beauty lover’s needs. The luxury makeup storage that we provide has been the most sought out available on the market. Both European and United Kingdom customers have been flabbergasted with the perks of owning these beautiful cubes. It’s time that you get acquainted with a little known beauty storage item that might have escaped your view. We’re here to inform you about its perks. The name? Why, non other than the LUVLASH Eyelash Organiser! Find out more.

Luvlash Eyelash Organiser filled with makeup and eyelashesOwning a glamorous beauty storage product

Never has there been a more prolific time for owning the right organisers to suit your wants; As well as your needs and lifestyle as a whole. But never has there been a better time to choose it best on the collection of products you own! When it comes to the extensive makeup collection to the need for several beauty products a girl just can’t go without, to be arranged and displayed neatly, we think we’ve come up with a solution or two for your beauty hoarding problem. So it’s not just us with this issue, right? Good.

Makeup design demands that you store it properly in its rightful enclosure. The beauty box displays that we provide are especially created with that in mind. The feedback from our previous customers tells you all about how you won’t be left short of expectations. The Glamourcubes are exactly capable of what their label claims. The descriptions were so accurate that every one of our previous website lurkers and disbelivers are found in awe once they see themselves with their own beautiful product. And who can blame them? Their sparkle bring that extra bright glint reflecting in your home. Their shine is truly unmistakable. You’ll wonder how you could have gone without one for such a long time! Now it’s the time to join the crowd.

Specialised organisers to suit all needs

Completely independent of whether your collection of beauty products reaches disproportionate amounts, it’s very important that you invest in specialised storage solutions. These should suit very specialised needs; That’s to benefit all of your vast makeup and beauty products you’ve collected or perhaps plan on owning. Gotta think ahead anyway! Our collection of luxury storage items extends from the likes of makeup cubes, lipstick, makeup brushes to perfume, jewellery and office products. You’ll find every single type of storage solution in our Shop. These especially designed beauty items have become the favourite product of both celebrities and regular customers alike. You just can’t go wrong with them! If you need a beauty box to store all your favourite beauty items, you’ll find the right fit in our vanity collection.

It probably would never cross your mind that there is any makeup storage out there capable of satisfying your distinctly huge collection of eyelashes! In fact, who would even think of that? A makeup storage solution specifically tailored on organising your eyelashes? Well, we think we understand you as beauty lovers ourselves. As a matter of fact, we are so in tune to the beauty world, we have become an extension of it as a brand.

Magali Gorre

One of our previous celebrity customers is non other than Magali Gorre. The Housewives of Cheshire Magali had just received her Mother’s Day Gift in advance! Waiting to open up her gift was daunting indeed, but when the celebratory day came, her hands were completely wrapped around her huge makeup organiser! Afterwards, she would quickly expand her makeup storage solution items to include both the Crystal Spinning Tower as well as the LUVLASH Eyelash Organiser. We can’t say we’re surprised! The beauty organisers are in their own special tier of quality. Magali’s just very good at recognising it!

The LUVLASH Eyelash Organising Beauty StorageLuvlash Eyelash Organiser with open drawer from above

You’ve probably been familiar with our unique collection of luxury makeup organisers for quite some time, as we’ve expanded our collection from the original Kardashian-lookalike designs to the entire available range – perfectly suited to fit all your beauty organising needs and efforts. Since you’ve been following us, you’ve come across our LUVLASH Eyelash Organiser – the brand eyelash organiser beautybox to have in your home! So why purchase it?

In effect, no one should be surprised that we’ve brought forth the best the organising world could give. You have at your disposal the most unique makeup storage option for your eyelashes. This luxuriously branded LUVLASH Eyelash Organiser boasts 36 tiers fit for your fragile items. Its clarity, strenght of material and beautiful look cannot go mistaken on the scene.

Luvlash Eyelash Organiser open drawer with eyelashes

  • The role of the cube is to fit the smallest bits of your beauty arsenal: the ever forgotten and misplaced eyelashes;

    Luvlash Eyelash Organiser filled with makeup and eyelashes from above

  • Several compartments means various areas to keep more products than you originally bargained for: the beautybox can accommodate other specific makeup items in its drawer compartment as well as its slide out trays;
  • You will never misplace any small eyelashes or have no manner of keeping track of them. The clear high quality Lucite® acrylic glass makes it possible to pinpoint any item! To add to it, we also recommend the option of using its surface to either write out the brand name or number with a washable marker;
  • Your eyelashes will be kept in their position using the allotted spaces because of the manner in which the beautybox was designed. Any jerky movement will not create disarray among these fragile items;
  • The organiser is truly among the perfectly sized of its kind, being able to lightly sit on any dressing table or fit any space: 10″x 8″x 4″ (254mm x 203mm x 104mm).

You might never stumble upon any of this type of specialised organiser! So then why wait? Its purpose and its respective function is to keep your minuscule items in check and your eyelashes in perfect order! All the while looking as glamourous as ever! The makeup storage is among the best of its kind, giving a hard run for their money to all the other beauty competitors. The unique beauty storage solution is like non other you could find!

Now it’s the time of glorious luxury-seeking to have paid off. Find out what it’s like to own one of these beauty LUVLASH Eyelash beauty storage solutions!

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