You’ve probably been familiar with our unique collection of luxury makeup organisers for quite some time, as we’ve expanded our collection from the original Kardashian-lookalike designs to the entire available range – perfectly suited to fit all your beauty organising needs and efforts.

Since you’ve been following us, you’ve come across our LUVLASH Eyelash Organiser – the brand eyelash organiser beautybox to have in your home! So why purchase it?

  • Its role is to fit the smallest bits of your beauty arsenal: the ever forgotten and misplaced eyelashes
  • Several compartments means various areas to keep more products than you originally bargained for: the beautybox can accommodate other specific makeup items in its drawer compartment as well as its slide out trays
  • You will never misplace any small eyelashes or have no way to keep track of them: the clear high quality Lucite® acrylic glass makes it possible to pinpoint any item and we also recommend the option of using its surface to either write out the brand name or number with a washable marker
  • Your eyelashes will be kept in their position using the allotted spaces because of the manner in which the beautybox was designed: any jerky movement will not create disarray among these fragile items
  • The organiser is truly among the perfectly sized of its kind, being able to lightly sit on any dressing table or fit any space: 10″x 8″x 4″ (254mm x 203mm x 104mm)

And the best news of all is that it comes neatly packed on SALE for a limited time only!

So why wait? You might never stumble upon any of this kind of specialised organiser: there to keep your minuscule items in check and your eyelashes in perfect order!

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