Hi everyone! We’d love to give you some inspiration on how to use your Glamourcube and we want to give you a little insight into what we keep in ours, so here’s a peek into what I keep in my Glamourcube!
So the Glamourcube has 5 tiers: 4 drawers and a taller top section with a lift up lid. The lip can be kept closed or it can sit flush with the black of the cube like mine is here.
In the top tier I keep my perfumes lined up at the front so I can reach them easily, and the clear material displays them nicely. Behind them I keep all of my palettes which are mainly eyeshadows but I have a blush palette in there. I also have a fairly big 88 colour palette at the bottom which fits in easily with loads of room to spare. There’s also a lot of height leftover, so you could fit a lot more in than I have.
In the first drawer I keep my foundations, concealers, face powders, and highlighters. The first thing to mention about the drawers is that you can pull them right the way out and they will quite happily sit there and won’t slip out or shake, they’re very sturdy, which is great as it means you can really make the most of the space and can easily reach products right at the back. I’ve used the X divider for this one which is actually two V shaped dividers which you could use in two separate drawers if you wanted to.
The second drawer is my blush drawer and I’ve used the grid divider for this which splits the drawer into 6 big sections. I haven’t organised them by brand or anything I just thought the grid divider would be great to keep them organised and stop them sliding around the drawer. The drawers are pretty tall and they can hold the Benefit box blushes which I know a lot of makeup storage units aren’t tall enough for. You can also stack blushes on top of each other like I’ve done with my Accessorize blushes in the corner.
So that was part one of my Glamourcube makeup collection – remember to look out for part 2 which will include my eye drawers and my lipstick drawer! Thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comments!

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