So here is part 2 of my makeup collection with the Glamourcube! In case you missed it, you can read part 1 here where I show you my palettes, perfumes, foundations and blushers.

The third drawer is my eye drawer where I keep everything I use on my eyes, from eyeshadow to mascara. You can’t see it too well in the photo but I’ve used both of the slide dividers in this drawer to separate the middle section from the outer sections. The slide dividers are separate so you can put them as wide as you like or you can use them in separate drawers.

So the left section holds all of my single eyeshadows and my quads. I have a lot of the Maybelline colour tattoos as they’re great and I also have quite a few of the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows, they have great pigmentation.

The middle section between the two dividers holds all of my stick/pencil type eyeshadows, I’ve been buying a few of them recently as they’re just so quick and easy to apply. I also have a couple of brow pencils in there as they’re a similar height so they fitted in well but I don’t really have enough brow products to warrant a whole section for them.
The section on the right hold all of my eyeliners and mascaras which are separated by a couple of the Urban Decay Primer Potions. I have mainly black eyeliners as I’d rather have colour on the lid, I really like the L’Oreal and the MUA eyeliners. I have quite a few mascaras and I realise that you’re not supposed to use them after 3 months but I like to keep them to remind me which products I really liked, so when I run out I replace an old one I liked with a new one.

The bottom drawer of my Glamourcube is my favourite, I just think it looks so nice! I have all of my higher end products in the front row like MAC, YSL and Nars, as well as the Revlon lipsticks because they have really nice packaging. I have all of my lip butters in the middle which I live and some Rimmels, then at the back I keep some lipsticks that I don’t use quite so often. The great thing about the Glamourcube is that the drawers are so tall, so I could easily have two layers of lipsticks here if I had enough!

The other thing to point out about the Glamourcube is that it’s great for storing MAC lipsticks as the front of the drawers are clear, so you can put all of your MAC lipsticks inside and easily see which shade is which without having to pick them all up and have a look – it makes it very quick and easy!

So that is the whole of my makeup collection with the Glamourcube – how would you use it to store your makeup?

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