Celar acrylic makeup storage unit the Glamourqueen

The Glamourqueen is engraved on the front

Here it is! A makeup collection using the Glamourqueen beauty box. This one is wider than the Glamourcube, and the top section is sh0rter so there’s space for an extra drawer. It also comes engraved with Glamourqueen on the front.

The lid of the Glamourqueen sits flushat the back of the makeup unit

The top section in the Glamourqueen is the same height as the drawers, 4cm, but there’s still plenty of space to stack your makeup palettes! The lift top lid can lay flat against the back of the cube, so you can always have it open if you want to stand taller products in the there, like the skincare products you use before applying your makeup.

The cross divider can be used in the Glamourqueen to separate out your makeup products into four sections

So let’s get started on the drawers. In the top drawer I’ve used the cross divider to split my face product into favourite foundations, concealers, highlighters, and less used foundations. I like to rotate my foundations between seasons, so I have lighter ones and BB creams at the front in the Summer and thicker, more moisturising foundations at the front in the Winter.

The grid divider can be used in the Glamourqueen to separate products into six sections

In the second drawer I’ve used the grid divider to split up the blushes. You can split them up by colour or by brand, by season or by which are your most used. You can store things right at the back and they’ll still be within easy reach as the drawer opens up all the way.

The slide divider can be used in the Glamourcube to separate a drawer into two or three sections

The slide divider can be used in the Glamourcube to separate the drawers into sections whichever size you want

The next two drawers hold all of my eye products! They each have one of the slide dividers, but they could also be used together in one drawer to split it into three sections. The first drawer holds all of my eyeshadows, with creams pots, eyeshadow pencils and smaller palettes. In the next drawer I have my eyeliners and my mascaras and primers, split by the slide divider.

Lipsticks work well in the Glamourcube without a divider, but the slide dividers would work well

I store all of my lipsticks in the bottom drawer as it’s usually the final step in applying my makeup. I haven’t used a divider for this drawer as they fit in nicely by themselves, I have three rows of lipstick and then longer lip pencils and chubby sticks at the back, but the slide divider would work well in this drawer.

This acrylic makeup storage cube works really well, and is definitely large enough to my makeup collection to grow into! We’d love to know how you use your Glamourqueen or Glamourcube, remember that you could win a FREE care kit if you tweet or email us a picture of yours!

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