Christmas Day is approaching with unquenchable rest and you just haven’t made up your mind yet as to the content of that Christmas gift box you’re so dying to fill up with an amazing gift for your loved ones! Then, not to mention that you’ve got several ladies or makeup lovers in your life that would love nothing better than a suitable present. We might just have the perfect solution to all your gift-related troubles! Introducing the GlamourLiving makeup storage boxes. Once you try them out, you never go back! With 0 negative feedback, you can be sure the gift receivers will have no return complaints. How does that sound?

I purchased this for my wife for Christmas. I ran out of ideas on what to buy her as a gift and came across this. She loves it. – Martin

 You’ve been reading your loved one’s’ wish list and ended up with no better alternative for a gift than the ones provided. Where do you go from here? You know she doesn’t want the clothes and neither does she actually mean “nothing” when she says she doesn’t need anything but your love this Christmas. That actually sounds like an invitation to do the opposite! How do you end up resolving the internal conflict? You have to find the best present ever this Christmas or resort to that meek wish list. Or perhaps feign ignorance all together and purchase a blender!

You must have put a lot of thought in what would make his or her day. If the woman in your life loves anything, is to feel beautiful and to have something to help her accomplish that. Makeup collections should provide that but so do their entire vanity area. By paying close attention, you must have seen the likes of makeup palettes, makeup brushes, eyeshadows and powders, all lying about in a specific area that seems more or less disorderly depending on the day. That’s your key right there! Time to swoop her off her feet and impress her with the best gift of their life time. How do you succeed in this quixotic quest? You let us become your best guide as the woman connoisseurs we are!

The Makeup Storage of her Wish List Sophie GlamourLiving testimonial images of the Glamourcube makeup storage Acrypal Makeup Palette Eyelash Organiser in 3x3 squares

Had the woman in your life known of the GlamourLiving makeup storage, it would have ended up as a top shoo-in for the Christmas present Wish List. Just comb through our amazing feedback and you’ll find out what she’s been missing out. Nonetheless, there’s lots of options to choose from as well as incredible variation in design! Our makeup storage solutions are one of a kind. And they also look truly spectacular! You don’t have to believe us. Trust our customer base to give you the lo’ down on all the fashionable organisers.

Wouldn’t this beauty box be a treat? Well, we think so too. After browsing through our selection of makeup storage cubes, have a look at our latest makeup, jewellery and office storage solutions. Their refinement is just as evident as the rest of our principal collections. Since the same material is used and the same hand-made quality is bestowed onto them – they’re just as incredible to look at and to use as any one of our makeup storage is. The Kardashian-inspired beauty organisers, as well as the rest of our unique collection, stands apart from the crowd as the true makeup lover’s dream come true. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who would enjoy these gifts?

Anyone who is a massive hoarder of beauty items as well as makeup artists with vast collections to expand are sure to benefit from owning any one of our products. Women of all ages and backgrounds would love nothing else than to be presented with such an elegant gift! Mothers, wives and sisters, as well as daughters and aunts with a keen interest in makeup, will have a look at the makeup storage and completely fall in love! We guarantee it. You in turn should become the hero of the woman in your life. How great would that be? Time to find out your options.

Makeup Storage Gifts

  • Our Glamourcubes are a game changer in any makeup lover’s arsenal of beauty storage boxes. The makeup storage boxes are so massively designed, and yet so stylish, that no one can resist their charm. As they do come in various sizes, you might think it either a chore or a pleasurable experience finding the right one for yourself. The type of organiser that truly suits your needs could take that much effort in finding. Don’t fret, you’ve got plenty of choices, size and shape-wise.
  • The Acrypal Makeup Blending Palette is the perfect Acrylic solution for your makeup blending desires. Hence, no longer needing to smudge your hands with products or blending them incorrectly, this should be so great! Now you might enjoy the whole beauty ritual without fretting about the unimportant.
  • The Crystal Spinning Lipstick/Powder Tower can spin to your loved one’s whims on its rotating base, as it fits the entire lipstick collection into neatly arranged spaces. Magali Gorre definitely thinks the world of it! We’re so glad her sons decided this makeup storage tower will mean a lot to their mother as a Mother’s Day giftMagali Gorre with her Glamour Living Crystal Spinning Lipstick Tower filled with makeup items

  • Since it might not dawn on you, we might mention that eyelashes are a big annoyance by themselves. At large, someone’s bound to lose them somehow. Now you have at your disposal the best makeup storage option for these pesky eyelashes. This uniquely branded LUVLASH Eyelash Organiser boasts 36 tiers fit for this kind of fragile items. Its clarity, strenght of material and beautiful look cannot go mistaken on the scene.
  • The Classic Perfume Tray is well sought out and finds a place and some unique application in different spaces. Therefore, the imagination can run wild when it comes to products that would fit in it splendidly.
  •  Glamour Jewellery Case is a true showstopper! With its ingenuously designed compartments and hooks, these are the kind that suit any jewellery item accordingly. Won’t it be an actual dream come true to see your selected sparkly items on display? Glam guaranteed.
  •  Other Acrylic Gift Ideas: The BrushTidy Makeup Holder is a unique organiser that can hold all kinds of makeup brushes of various sizes in its 16 small sections and the 4 larger ones. The Crystal Cups are not far behind since the space is less prohibiting in shape variety, it’s way more permisive and more tailored to the height of the products. You’ll also find the office metal and gold collection Gold cup a unique addition that could be used for any mixed organising of items.

 This must have been the best Christmas gift under the tree! Definitely coming back for more, I have got my eye on the brush holder now. – S Mcgarvie

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