Your vanity area represents you and your lifestyle. In many ways, it’s an extension of you. So in order to project yourself into your space, you’ve got to be as perfectionistic as possible. This room, the dressing area, the objects you choose will be a statement of your attention to detail and aesthetic values. Ready to top everyone’s expectations? The first step is to find the right luxury makeup storage that’s perfectly right for you.


Our makeup storage units

Beauty lovers everywhere know they can always find one, if not several of our organisers, as the go-to solution for all their organising woes. Some of our beauty shortcuts involve all kinds of products that solve the smudginess that comes with applying makeup; Or perhaps the matching of office products with the rest of your items. Otherwise, you can always find comfort in having your lipstick collection well organised in one single beauty storage box. You never have to mix products again and you can be sure to win some time that otherwise would be wasted on finding specific beauty products. How fab is that?

All 9 cubes come with their very own distinguishing features: size-wise and design-wise.

Three frames with Glamour Living luxury makeup storage filled with makeup mirror brushes in storage on dressing table with chair in front

Our customers and their unique vanity area

Our pool of followers has been graced by the likes of Katie Piper and Magali Gorre. Among them, there have been numerous beauty bloggers and video bloggers who have reviewed our products. Their testimony of the charmed experience of owning our beauty makeup storage products should be enough to satisfy and rejoice any beauty lover out there. This follows that anyone who should become the owner of our storage units would have a ton to work with for their vanity area.

Your dressing table might become the ideal place for our beauty makeup storage. And in return, the luxury box will enhance the look of your chosen space. This area will be boosted with elegance and style. No longer should you dread the morning wake up call of having to use your makeup products. And their disorganised location is no longer an impediment in getting through the day efficiently and like the busy person you are! Let your chosen products become a reflection of your lifestyle and desired outcome!

Next up, you’ll find out more from our customers’ own unique beauty setups. We couldn’t have made them up if we tried! The makeup storage truly enhances the look of any room or dressing area. So find out now how you can spice up the place. Get inspired where you need it most — your beauty area will be all the more luckier to be changed by your aesthetic vision.

The Cool Setup

Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage on dressing table next to mirror with lights

Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage and Lipstick Tower filled with makeup on dressing table next to mirror with lights Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage on dressing table next to mirror with lights next to brushes in storage and Lipstick Tower filled with lipsticks in front of window













If you’re one of those people who just HAS got to be on top of every trend out there, you need to check out these vanity areas.

Not only do they have the makeup storage perfectly primed in the right place with the right products filling it up to a T, but the glam is all too evident no matter day or night! So, how could you go wrong with this kind of dressing area? All you have to do is pimp it up here and there with the right mirror — preferably one with lights that might light up your visage perfectly — and then make sure all your products are in their rightful location.

Possibly, you might need a Crystal cup or a Lipstick Tower to rearrange your makeup in a mega-orderly fashion. But it’s all worth it if at the end you get the greatest organisation ever! And to top it all off, a future strings of habits that involves you reaching out to find all your makeup products as designed by non other than you! So stylish and desirable, you couldn’t ask for more!Three Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage units on dressing table next to mirror with lights

The Classic Look

Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage and Lipstick Tower and brushtidy brush organiser filled with makeup and brushes on dressing table next to mirror

Sometimes, you might find yourself having to adapt to preset conditions such as previously chosen furniture.Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage on dressing table surrounded by makeup products and lamp

How else could you go about it updating your current setup without compromising its look or worse, letting it stand out with its outdated kitschiness? Fret not about it! Our makeup storage has filled all kinds of rooms so far. Non have ended up subpar just because of the difference in the timeframe of either designed furniture or makeup storage product.

In fact, the luxurious, timeless design, as well as the material from which the makeup storage is made out of, has always made it possible for our organisers to fit in absolutely everywhere. And that includes rustic-looking setups.

Just have a look at how well the makeup storage products blend in with the rest of the room and furniture. Sometimes, they might even bestow onto the chosen space that little boost that gives it a glint of style and elegance. And could you have it any other way?

 Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage units filled with makeup on dressing table next to mirrorTwo Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage units and Perfume Tray filled with makeup products on dressing table next to mirror

 The Office Space

Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage unit filled with makeup on dressing table next to mirror and office products

It just so happens that your office might drip into your beauty area and vice versa.  We’d never leave you stranded without a life jacket. Here comes our office Gold collection of products to the rescue! They’re perfectly designed to go hand-in-hand well with the remaining of our beauty storage collections. How neat, right? But that’s not all! All of our storage products are made from the same, high end, non-recycled Plexiglass. This means that both quality and durability is guaranteed regardless of organiser choice!

Glamour Living luxury Makeup storage unit filled with makeup next to laptop on desk


Glamour Living luxury gold collection of office products next to apple products on desk

You’d want to freshen up your working area with this beautiful collection of office products. Or you might update the look of your workspace with a practical merging of both luxury and pragmatism. Who knows? You might actually be more productive with a setup that involves having your products neatly stacked together in the same location. Otherwise, disorder might emerge. And thus you clear up the remaining space for other items and activites. It’s a Win-Win situation.

Hence, there you go: some grand dressing area inspiration. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as us!

If you’ve been just as inspired as we have, after seeing the variations and the beautiful vanity areas that our customers are so good at creating, why not join the ship? How would your setup look like after freshing it up with our makeup storage units? Why not give it a go and impress both us and yourself in the process? Contact and send us your take on dressing area organisation.

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