The Christmas holiday is upon us and we are more than ready to celebrate the coming New Year! How about you? Have you prepared yourself for the holiday season? What sort of Christmas gifts have you purchased for your loved ones? And where will the New Year party be located? All these festive preparations have one thing in common: a desire to be happy and make everyone around you just as joyous. It’s time that you found out how. We’ve got an idea or two up our sleves.

How to impress your loved ones

If you’re looking to become the star of the show with the presentation of a lifetime, forget about the usual! Your gift and arrangements should surpass expectations and truly make people around you feel the intention behind your actions. Isn’t this what you’re vying for anyway? To make everyone beloved happy and yourself in the process? Well, what better way to accomplish that then to impress them with a unique present? How else would they find out how much you really love them? Not to mention how many things you mean to them. Or how badly you want to make them proud!

You know what this means, right? It’s time to shine and become everyone’s favourite! You are and should become your mom’s favourite, your sister’s and brother’s adored sibling and the pride of your dad. And it’s high time you give back the love and consideration, isn’t it? One way to really blow their expectations away is to do something entirely unexpected in the realm of presents. There are products and then there are Wish lists that no one goes without. Whether they keep them inside their minds or carefully arranged in an online list, everyone needs specific products that fulfill all their dreams.

The women and makeup lovers in your life

They’ve been hoarding makeup since forever and alotting the necessary time to their beauty routines. You might be completely impressed with their makeup skills and feel like you’ve got nothing to add to an otherwise well-crafted trade. How could you add anything of value to their lifestyle, even as they include you in theirs? These are the seasonal expectations, that they demand from you that you do so! You’ve got to bring more value and more sparkle in the lives of beauty lovers. And we know exactly what will do just the trick!

Beauty organisers

Have you ever heard of our makeup storage solutions? If you’re behind the times, we get you, no worries. Celebrities everywhere have been kept in the know though and just have a look at them adoring their new house additions. Their joy is understandable because most products either come in two ways. Some are incredibly practical and sturdy but lack the aesthetic values to truly impress in any way or fashion. Whereas, there are those unique products that shine through the most dire of room circumstances regardless of price and yet fail to give back in terms of functionality. You can’t use them after a few tries: they fall appart or are limited in size/dimensions. Neither are well crafted and neither are going to make anyone happy.

GlamourLiving makeup storage cubes filled with makeup and Luvlash Eyelash organiser on top of a dressing table in front of a large mirror

Such goes the beautiful myth of our brand coming to life in the hands of people that would believe them non-existent. Both celebrities and beauty bloggers are the first to praise the wonders of owning our makeup storage acrylic organisers. And you just can’t blame them! Our makeup storage does actually fufill all expectations and then some! The beautiful design is impossible to find in other products that otherwise use cheap, recyled versions of material. So the sparkle and beauty is never there! It’s the one that we desired to replicate exactly from the custom Kardashian makeup organisers. We know we’ve done a great job at it, just looking at the 100% positive reviews.

Lastly, our organisers are so much more sturdier than anything available out there that there is no comparison between the durability of our products and the rest. Most products will break, ours confuse with the fragility and non-plastic feel of the glass and yet the heaviness of it. It’s our secret recipe for a beautifully hand-crafted product that ends up spanning several designs and products.

 Our line of makeup storage luxury products

In our collection of luxury, high end makeup storage products, you’ll find several different types of useful items. These should serve massively in the organising process, as well as any beauty routine. Firstly, we’ve got the makeup storage cubes that are ubiquitous in any self-respecting makeup hoarder’s arsenal of tools. You need these beauty boxes to give that stylish glow to your makeup collection. Secondly, there’s our Acrylic Organisers that are indispensable if you need your makeup collection expanded in different sections on your dressing table. Don’t forget, there’s always pairing them up and dividing your makeup in replacement dividers. If you ever lose one – you’ve always got a back up! Lastly, the Gold Collection is a must for any office supplying your needs with taste and elegance. Why should your workspace be boring afterall? You just have got to spice it up a little, right?

So now you know: 9 versions of beauty boxes uniquely designed to serve all wants and any kind of space requirments. Among these, several options when it comes to makeup collections and beauty items, such as perfumes and jewellery. What more could you or your loved ones ask, but the best in high end luxury? We’ve got it all, just for you.

This holiday season, don’t forget when you’re filling up the stockings and thinking of the best gifts you could present to your loved ones, you always have the best of its kind at your disposal! Have a go at finding the best holiday surprise beauty lovers in your life would enjoy. In return, you’ll receive their gratefulness and surprise at the level of thoughtfulness you just displayed for them! We’re always happy to have contributed to the seasonal spirit. So do have the happiest of holidays and the merriest of times!

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