As you well know, when you become part of the exclusive GlamourLiving family by giving a home to our makeup storage, you end up inheriting all the benefits of these luxurious beauty boxes. There’s not one day that will go by without you marveling at the splendour of the magical cube. To top it all off, your makeup collection will be just as good-looking as the beauty box it resides in. In the proceeding paragraphs, let’s dissect the contents of our makeup storage together. This way, you’ll get a glimpse of a future vision of your makeup collection’s storage possibilities. They’d otherwise remain unfathomable and difficult to imagine without lots of details. So here we go!

 All of our makeup storage organisers are designed in the sort of fashion that should suit anyone’s lifestyle. Their entire organisation is based around several factors. These stem from our need to provide the best beauty user experience possible! We take into account everything from a woman’s needs to their daily routine. As well as their habitual organiser placing spaces and their vast collection of various makeup products, as they do come into play.

Everything that we’ve attempted through our designs is to recreate the beauty and luxury of the truly glamorous lifestyle. We think we’ve done a pretty good job at it. And so do many of our former cusomers who’ve had a thing or two to comment on their purchases. We appreciate their feedback and we always try to improve the aesthetic and functionality of our makeup storage line as much as possible!

Our beauty organisers are notoriously capable of fitting the largest makeup collection into neatly packed compartments that make the aftereffect look luxurious and stylish. If you need that touch of elegance in your life as well as a unique product to compete with the rest of the mundane available options, you’ve found your winner. Now follow through with our article so you get to find out what sort of dividers fill our glamourcube makeup storage organisers.

The Makeup Storage

Our beauty cubes have very specific organisational components which have become the hallmark of our makeup storage units. The specific dividers as well as the logo trademark should distinguish them enough from other cheaper organiser versions. But if this isn’t enough to give them away, there’s always the crystal clear Plexiglass Lucite® which stands appart from any recycled acrylic material and truly distinguishes itself through its sturdiness and reflective quality.

Truly, there’s nothing quite like owning one of these makeup storages! You’ll be passing by your dressing table and wondering how you could have gone for such a long time without these exquisite cubes! Standing out is what they do and in the best possible fashion. How could your makeup collection have suffered so far without this presentable showcasing opportunity? And how delightful it is to behold it now! No wonder the makeup application routine has turned from tedious to a wonderful daily experience: it’s all about what inspires you. And really, what better inspiration would you need than a neatly arranged vanity area that tells all there is needed to know about the person using it – that beauty and order are of utmost importance!

The Dividers

We’re liking your style! Hence why, we’ve introduced the Glamourcube makeup storage units in all their uniquely designed versions to fill up your living space with only the best of the best. These makeup storage units, aside from coming in different sizes, also provide a lid or lidness option, as well as different designs that either fulfill some aesthetic need or just suit various spaces much better depending on the chosen beauty cube. Each beauty box is equipped with their own set of various dividers which will tell you all about what kind of makeup product should fit either of them.

Alternatively, there’s always the option of purchasing them separately. That’s in case you either need a replacement. Or maybe to spice things up for your makeup storage. Heading to each of our divider shop page means that you’ll know immediately which glamourcubes suits which divider. And also, heading to each beauty makeup organiser page will give you all the information you need. They will tell you which type of dividers are already present as components of the makeup storage. Sounds fab, doesn’t it? Stick with us to learn more of the available divider options.

GRID DIVIDERGlamourLiving Glamourcube Grid divider open drawer filled with makeup on black background

This serves as the perfect divider for all your chunky makeup or products of the same kind that are slim and easy to fit inside the compartments. If you need your mascara or eyeliner dividing, what better way than to place them in an organised fashion inside? You could be reaching out for your specific products and you’ll know there’s no other place they’d be fitted in. Your organising prowess will truly grow out of control!

X DIVIDER GlamourLiving Glamourcube X divider open drawer filled with makeup on black background

This divider is a funky addition to our makeup storage design and serves to segregate your chosen products in neatly divided triangular compartments. Surely, there’s tons of ways to use them. Either for smaller collections of items such as beads you might consider. Or thin items that would be lost at the bottom when mixed with other kind of larger products should do. Alternatively, there’s always using only half of the “X” divider. You can always separate the two parts, for another drawer. It’s all to do with whatever suits your style at the time. Not to mention what kind of makeup collection you possess. Mixing it up from time to time is always a fun way to change things up! So always keep the spare dividers close by!

VERTICAL DIVIDER GlamourLiving Glamourcube Vertical divider open drawer filled with makeup on black background

Lastly, if you’re all about change, we’ve got this solution for you! The vertical dividers serves the mercurial nature in all of us. And also, particulary some people, who just can’t make up their minds about how they want their collection to be kept. But not to mention the likes of us who enjoy shopping sprees to the point of our makeup collection going through a major change of look. This would require a kind of adaptable makeup storage. So you can always slide the vertical dividers in various ways. And make sure you fit all your products nicely in accessible ways! The powders can sit on top of a similar ilk products. Whilst the foundations can find a luxurious home inside the rectangular compartment. Possibilities are endless and just think about all the fun you’ll have!

Our makeup storage beauty cubes are here to serve all your wants and needs. Their internal design is no less different than their exterior application: that is, to wow and amaze! We think you’ll find the dividers so much useful and definitely beyond your expectations. So have fun organising your lovely items!

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