We’ve launched a brand new acrylic makeup storage unit recently here at Glamour Living – the Glamourcube mini! Here are there first images of the product and we’ll have the official photography images available very soon, keep an eye out!

Glamourcube mini acrylic makeup storage unit

It looks very similar to the Glamourcube as it has a tall top section where you can stand taller products like foundation, plus three drawers.

Glamourcube Mini makeup storage unit drawer handles lift up lid

The Glamourcube mini has easy to use handles which look nice but are big enough to easily open and close the drawers, plus it’s engraved with the work Glamourcube. We thought we’d take some pictures of it next to the original Glamourcube so you can really see how they compare!

Glamourcube mini compared with the Glamourcube makeup drawers

Glamourcube mini and glamourcube comparison angle

The Glamourcube Mini is 9″x9″x9″ and the original Glamourcube is 12″x12″x12″, so it’s 3″ smaller in height, width and depth. It’s perfect for if you’ve got a smaller makeup collection, or if you spilled over your original Glamourcube and need some extra space!

It’s also perfect for storing nail polish collections or jewellery alongside your makeup.

We hope you love  the Glamourcube Mini as much as we do – it’s available for despatch right now!

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