Our office storage products represent a one of a kind solution to all your organising needs. Along with your favourite makeup storage items, they complete the much desired vanity setup area with the finest in luxury goods. Your supplies have never been in better hands! Our storage solutions are there to give you that pragmatism interwined with the glam that our brand represents. The result? Timeless products storing your favourite items beautifully and neatly. Once you own one of our Acrylic and Gold Collection products, there’s no going back. Find out more about our items.

What’s unique about our organisers?

Glad you asked! Our collection of luxuriously-designed storage items are specifically made to fulfil all of your unspoken needs! Their ergonomic and perfectly envisoned look means that your items are sure to get you fired up and started with a dose of luxury each morning! One look at our luxury organisers should be enough to provide the energy! The beauty they emmanate in beyond recognition when it comes to household items. You will wonder how you allowed your bedroom or bathroom to remain so lacklustre for such a long time! It’s high time you spiced it up a notch.

Customer experience

Our years of beauty experience tell us we’re on to something when it comes to your needs. If we’re right about one thing is that you’ve always wanted the type of items that would enhance your already well-designed office-space. Or perhaps the dressing table that never fails to bring attention onto itself is your choice of furniture. With its perfectly chosen setup its purpose is to enhance the living space. This involves decorative objects from lights to organised beauty products.

You might have been browsing for ages on various online shops and in different stores just to find the right items that would both be sturdily designed as well as look absolutely stunning to your novice interior designer eyes. You find out that you’re so close to settling for the next best option. Its description? Plastic but tough, or otherwise glass yet easy smudgeable and of obvious poor quality. Tsk tsk, there’s too many companies out there that just don’t care!

Office storage items the Tape Dispenser Stapler Office Tray and Gold CupACRYLIC & GOLD METAL COLLECTION

Fret not, we’ve got the best news for you! Why should you succumb to the pressure of having to pick one option out of plenty of bad ones? We’ve got a better solution for the likes of you! You are a researcher. A researcher of potentially great quality that doesn’t expect anything but the best for the amount of time and resources they put into something.

The best way to go about it? Choose our stellar collection of office products. For the amount given you deserve it! You could just as easily have our Acrylic and Gold Metal Collection items on display in your very own home. Its ultimate purpose? There to complete an interior designer’s dreams, let alone anyone who’d want to glam up their beauty space! There’s no time to waste, you’re this close to owning a extaordinary helper for your household.


Our collection is made up of four separate items which have completely delighted every one of our buyers with their usability and luxurious look: the Stapler, the Mini Tape Dispenser, the Acrylic Cup and the Acrylic Paper Tray. For everyday usage of office items, you need some practical support. The Stapler and Tape Dispenser are very much needed in the household. Whilst the Acrylic Cup and Paper Tray are sure to keep your items in top order! You could store pencils and pens, as well as scissors and documents in the tray. Usage-wise, it’s always up to you!

Material and dimensions

All items are made out of the finest acrylic Lucite and gold metal and every one of them serves to complete some intrinsic need of workplace habits. From having to collect and store several small objects which find plenty of room inside the Cup you’ll find the clearness of the glass necessary. You’ll actually have loads of papers stacking up. Since there’s no other place for them but a disorderly mess, they’re bound to fit so neatly inside the Tray; You’ll find the Stapler and Tape Dispenser just as indispensable while actually enjoying the time you get to use it: it will completely reshape your habits through that touch of glam.

the Gold Collection Acrylic Paper Tray – Dimensions: Length x Height x Width 12″ x 3″ x 9.5″ 31cm x 7.5cm x 24cm

Gold Collection Acrylic Cup – Dimensions: Length x Width x Depth 4.5″ x 3″ x 3″ 11.5cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm

Gold Collection Stapler – Dimensions: Length x Height x Width 6″ x 2″ x 1″ 14.5cm x 5cm x 2.5cm

and the Gold Collection Mini Tape Dispenser – Dimensions: Length x Height x Width 4.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.2″ 11.5cm x 6.5cm x 3cm

In conclusion

Finding our storage items must have been a chore initially. But at the end of the day, it provides that much needed rest and confort that comes from being organised. There’s no point in weeping for old habits and customs. You’re meant to reshape and restructure them accordingly. Would you like to make a difference in your life? There’s absolutely nothing stopping you! That courageous push towards the better, more efficient is bound to be enough. And to add to it, there’s the touch of luxury and comfort that comes through choosing a beautifully, uniquely-made product. Your office space will never be the same!

Our office storage solutions are meant to give you some ideas as to how you can redesign your space and make it that much comfortable. You’ll never be at a loss of space or words anymore. The qualities of the office storage products are that much laudable because they’re what they seem to be. And that is a perfectly usable collection of luxury products which are meant to enhance your world. The hardship shouldn’t be there if choosing the right products. So go ahead, don’t let us keep your waiting. Find the best beauty and office storage products you’ll encounter on the market and we guarantee your life will be changed for the better! At least one little bit at a time.

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