Founded in 2013, Glamourliving set out to creative innovative and easy-to-use makeup storage products. This began with our Glamourcube® Original, the first of our luxury organisers with four drawers and a tall top compartment which became the blueprint for our later designs.

Since then we have established ourselves as providers of comprehensive solutions to makeup organisation, with a focus on clean straight lines, minimal fuss, and a contemporary yet elegant style. This has led us to winning the award for ‘Best Acrylic Make-Up Storage Product Brand 2021 - Yorkshire’ in LUXlife’s 2021 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards.

Each of our acrylic storage units are specially designed and meticulously handcrafted with the finest optimal clarity acrylic Lucite.  Our glues are specially made to ensure there are no strong chemical odours and to provide a high transparency finish.

Having featured in popular publications such as Vogue as the bestselling makeup organisers, we have gained popularity and recognition amongst celebrities and thousands of women around the world. Our products have been seen on the dressers of some of the most fashionable celebs in the business.

Since establishing our Glamourcube® collection, we have expanded and are proud to now also be working in partnership with Osco to provide you with a range of high end and affordable products to meet any budget. Osco offer thick, high grade acrylics and plastics, and share our appreciation for minimalist simplicity and crystal clear quality.

If you would like to know more about our products or interested in becoming a stockist of our Glamourliving product range, please visit our FAQ or get in touch at