Founded in 2013, GlamourLiving set out to create innovative and easy to use makeup storage products.  Glamourcube® – The ultimate and luxurious makeup unit, which showcases all of your designer cosmetics.
As seen on T.V. – keeping up with the Kardashians.  This celebrity Inspired product has been seen on the dressers of some of the most fashionable celebs in the business.
GlamourLiving® has exclusively designed and produced these unique and stunning acrylic makeup storage units that are registered and trademarked designs.
We are the only company in the UK that can boast the meticulous steps involved in producing the final units from being handcrafted, right down to even the smallest detail of being chemical free, meaning no strong odours which can emit from products produced with inferior materials and glues.
The pristine cosmetic cube gives the illusion of makeup floating in the air.  Not only will your makeup be stored in the Glamourcube® neatly and safely, but you will easily be able to find that lipstick in two seconds flat!
Having featured in popular publications such as Vogue as the bestselling makeup organisers, we have gained popularity and recognition amongst celebrities and thousands of women around the world.
Come and join us and get organized with Glamourcube®.