In our many years of providing you the best makeup storage quality, we’ve made sure to vary the particular design looks. These might appeal to both you and any makeup lover you might know. They’ve always been designed with the lovely customer in mind. While the rest of the time, we take into account our own luxury brand to completely blow your expectations away. What does it take to be part of our fabulous squad of customers? Choosing the perfect design for your makeup-organiser-to-be.

Where should you begin? From an ocean of luxury items there’s bound to be a few wins. Otherwise, you’ll encounter lots of cheap knockoffs that serve no one but maybe someone who wishes said item for a single-use. You don’t wish to stoop to that. Your makeup storage items deserve that much needed attention that no other organiser could provide. But what do our luxury storage solutions provide that no other organiser does? You’ll find out from our previous customers, from purchasing yourself the wanted products or from reading further on.

The Glamorous experience

Our luxury brand is formed on the premise that whatever is valuable needs a corresponding look. You never want to fall short of expectations when it comes to achieving that high end design for both your vanity area and the products that you choose to have it be adorned with. There’s many ways in which you can achieve all these possible goals, least of all being to cater to the menial tasks of having the right decorations. What you really need is a particular look that is down to the last detail, exquisite in nature and beautiful in design. If you think it achievable, you’ve come to the right place.

What do all our storage solutions have in common? A unique touch of elegance and style which could never be replicated. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase from our Acrylic Collection of Makeup storage organisers or Office collection, you won’t be disappointed. Our products are made from the same material, with the same amount of perfectionism and attention to detail. As they’re handmade, you’ll find no imperfection on any surface. And since they’re high quality, they will be spared of the worn down effect that happens with enough time having passed.

MaterialMagali Gorre Glamourcube crystal clear

When it all comes down to it, it’s all about material. Whatever resources you employ end up becoming testament to how much care and attention you’ve assigned to your allotted task. Our purpose? To create the best makeup storage available. All of our organisers have the clear addition, unlike any other makeup storage organiser, that they’re made from the finest acrylic Plexiglass. Since it’s not made from recycled material, which is is found in most acrylic products, you can be sure to not end up jadded with your purchase. The sparkle and unique feel of the glass is a resounding success of what our makeup storage brand can do for you! All of our former customers agreeĀ in unison that there’s not another organiser quite like the one they’ve purchased from us. We can attest to that as well.

DesignGlamourcube and Luvlash Eyeshadow makeup storage filled with makeup in front of mirror

Available sizes

In our collection of makeup storage organisers, you’ll find a specific helper. Our range of storage solutions go from the smallest to the largest in size. They’re distributed accordingly, among our 9 types of organisers. These makeup storage cubes are meant to keep the entierty of your makeup collection in check. They represent a unique way in which you are to store your most prized belongings. Such is the case that sometimes, your favourite makeup products could use the help. And that’s ok because we’ve got you completely sorted. How?

Well, with our variety of available sizes of course. To begin with, you’d have to measure and contrast the amount of products you’ve accumulated. Then you’d have to consider matters long term: how much are you planning on accumulating? Your spending habits are not a static number, they’re predisposed to changing too. So keeping into account yourself as well as your purchasing habits, the decision-making rests on your shoulders.

The smaller the collection, the more petite your cube. Our specifically-designed cubes have got your mignon collection in mind. You’ll have to revel at the amount of organising that can be done with just a little space to play with. The medium sizes are fit for the average collection in mind. These are probably the most likely to not surpass in size your actual collection and then leave some room for future projections. But if you’ve accumulated quite the considerable item collection, it’s time you think large and wide: The Glamourqueens are enough to satiate the most eager of us beauty lovers.


If you’ve ever had an upclose look of our Glamourcube makeup storage items, you’ve definitely had the time to notice the peculiarities of our designer cubes. Some of our organisers come with the added lid, while others not so. Which is all fine, as long as it fulfils different individual needs. But our Glamourcube storage items also come equipped with a uniqueness of individuality. You get to choose whether they have that little touch of elegance that comes from their appendices. The Glamourcube handles serve just as a important role as the rest of the cube as your individual preferences rely on the overall look. So whether choosing a beautiful round handle design or the rectangular kind, you’re sure to not be left disappointed.

Keep in mind that when choosing either design, you’ve got to take into account the rest of your makeup storage collection as well as the individual items you own. Don’t let your imagination be stifled by something as simple as little details! Use the various options as well as the more limiting ones to your advantage. Find the right organiser-handle that goes well with the type of vanity area look that you’re keen on creating.

Hopefully that should do it in making up your mind about the options available. So what would it be? Will you become the next owner of the luxury makeup storage of your dreams? If decided, then make it happen. We’re completely on board with your decision. Happy shopping! šŸ˜‰

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