The Press says this about our Makeup Storage

As the number one best seller of makeup storage in UK and throughout Europe, we strive to achieve the best standards available. And we also try to mantain these standards intact. We’re sufficiently thorough that the quality always stays the same. None of our makeup storage organisers will ever be subpar. We’ll always give you what you asked for and nothing below the threshold we set out for ourselves. In the process, we’ve garnered quite a followership ranging from regular beauty lovers to celebrities and press. We’ve managed to become the organiser to top them all.

How did we achieve this?

Through extensive care and commitment, our makeup storage is specifically handcrafted for a better, much more stylish look and design. You’ll find them adorning the dressing tables of people from all walks of life and being spotted by window shoppers as a show stealer. The luxurious original design is a copycat one of the custom made Kardashian design organisers and has many efficient uses for your makeup products. The majority of our acrylic organisers will have the same blueprint as far as their room space and compartments are concerned. So overall, they will not look disjointed but otherwise together, treated as a unity onto itself.

Owning several them, means that you’ll have a selection of products working in tandem to create the most beautiful vanity area that you could possibly imagine! The acrylic glass of the makeup storage organiser creates a lasting effect on the onlooker through its glints of sunlight. All the while, the clean design creates a harmonius apperance that doesn’t disturb the eye and creates an orderly look for your makeup storage products. You just can’t go wrong with these beautiful organisers and the entierty of our customer base agrees with the sentiment!

What does it mean to own one of our precious Glamourcubes?

I am so happy with this investment. The packaging was of good quality. I bought the glamourcube orignal and I am now fully organized. I would definitely invest in another one soon. It looks very expensive and professional. I just love it. — Adeela

I bought one last year for myself… Loved it that much bought another two for my best friends.. Totally recommend.. Cheap versions aren’t as good at all.. — Bhupinder

I bought 2 of these glamour boxes and they were wrapped extremely well I was so happy to get mine in perfect condition and they are so beautiful. — Charlotte, Gloucester

Once our beauty lover customers get to unpack their purchased organiser, they find themselves overwhelmed with a feeling of joy. Not only is the makeup product they ordered, what they had been expecting all long, but it’s also sure to make their loved ones happy for one reason or another. You can tell just from skimming through our selection of makeup storage organisers feedback, that it’s difficult not to remain surprised by the quality of our products.

Most storage solutions on the market sell a certain image that is not in line with reality. And then you proceed on purchasing the product only to find yourself disappointed by several aspects. These might include space, or dimension, but worse of all is quality of material. The last discouraging aspect is how the product doesn’t look the same as it does on shopping websites. That’s because the photographs have been doctrined to the extent of the organisers becoming unrecognisable. And now you find yourself stuck with an item that might as well be broken — you don’t really need it. Not the way you originally intended it anyway. Where do you go from here?

Seek the best sources for accurate reviews

In many ways, you have to always let the brand speak for itself. If there’s enough commotion about it, there’s bound to be a very good reason underlying all that! Throughout the years, press from different regions as well as major outlets have had us displayed. In the process, they have commended the virtues of our organisers. They’ve gone through the trouble of featuring us once having thoroughly scoured through several, various similar products of different brands. And yet they’ve chosen to side with our high quality brand! There isn’t one of better quality that could compete with the industrious design and pragamatism that our organisers have gone to represent in the world of beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

Browsing through our selection of Press features

Tatler feature badgeVogue feature badgeGlamour feature badge

There a whole page dedicated to the popular outlets and newspapers (as well as celebrities) that have had us featured. You’ll find out that we’ve had a long standing tradition of becoming everyone’s favourite beauty storage. We’re not just a trend, we’ll never become passé. Our legacy lives on in having always provided the ideal product and having had the right recognition for it.

Important features of our range of beauty organiser products:

  • Vogue (chosen by the UK’s leading fashion magazine, it garnered attention through its feature in the Summer Special edition)

  • Tatler Magazine (had chosen the Glamourqueen with round handles as the makeup organiser that you cannot go by without owning in the Bare Necessities Summer feature)

  • Glamour (the exclusive magazine had you all knowing about the perks of owning the petite Glamourcube Mini organiser)

  • Cosmopolitan (had the luxurious makeup organiser mentioned in the 2015 May issue)

  • The Independent (has been a keen proponent of it from the start, offering it as a great Christmas spectacular gift idea from 2014)

  • The Irish Daily Mail (had the organiser become a must-have for any beauty and fashion lover’s wish list)

  • Close up (has been one of the first supporters of the makeup storage brand having it be featured in the London’s magazine from as early as April 2014 )

Our makeup storage organiser brand has been a review’s favourite from the beginning. We’re not too keen on boasting about the perks of owning the luxurious acrylic makeup organiser without first having to reference external sources in the process. Their feedback tells you all about what it means to own one of these splendid luxurious boxes. And how at the end of the day, you’ll ask yourself how you could have gone without them in the first place.

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