Among your beauty arsenal items, it stands to reason that taking care of your products should be a complete no-brainer. Your precious items need as much care as the next indispensable, favourite products. Why should makeup storage items be any different? Their lustre and shine are preserved as well through efortful touch and care. And would you want it any other way? In this article, you’ll find out all about taking that extra care for your acrylic storage of choice. As well as everything that these splendid makeup organisers demand. Read on more.

As soon as you purchase your makeup beauty storage of choice, first things first is having to fill it all up. Of course, at first glance the makeup storage looks in top shape. As it should be! It comes straight out of the factory, perfectly handmade for the likes of you – our lovely customers – who need not be given anything but the best.

You have a look at it: a glint on its lid tells you how pristine the glass is and how easy it will be to fill it all up with your favourite makeup products. You’re right! Let the fun times begin. But when it comes to your products, we’re sure you’ve already made sure they’re clean as clean can be. And that you won’t trouble yourself with having to commence the washing of the novel acrylic storage just because all your very colourful makeup products have decided to do a number on it. On account of them being just not up for the task of sitting in a pristine place of course.

The lipsticks still have smudged colour all over them and the foundation powder has left a trail of soft dust on the bottom. There’s no way you could go back from that! Unless you take them all out and clean both them and the beauty box of course. As much as we’re not advocating for the above – where you struggle having end up with a potential chromatic disaster – we’ve got a solution or two for you. We’re saying there’s a way to come back looking shinny from this situation: both figuratively and literally. No where does it say that organising shouldn’t be fun and entertaining. And hopefully without a ton of mishaps and hours wasted unnecessarily.

The Polish SprayBrillianize One Step Acrylic Cleaner & Polish spray in front of the original Glamourcube with round handles acrylic makeup storage filled with makeup and one drawer filled with makeup items and the GlamourLiving package flyer on top

 When we designed the Glamourcube acrylic makeup storage organisers, we had a clear set of goals in mind. One of them was to provide the most luxurious service we could think of: a brand of fashionable organisers that could withstand a whole array of unfavorable circumstances and setups. We didn’t want just the classic storage story: pretty box without any life span whatsoever. Not at all. We wanted the kind of luxury organiser that could last as a permissible long time as possible and still retain the same glorious spark as it had in the beginning. Otherwise, what would be the point? Creating high quality is what we aim for.

Thus came about the partnership with the brand that would suffice efficiently in providing the best care for our luxury items. We didn’t pick arbitrarily and we certaintly didn’t look for false promises. It had to be the real deal. Brillianize One Step Acrylic Cleaner & Polish spray seemed like the real deal and to the best of our expectations, it proved to be so. The Polish Spray works in the kind of way that no other cleaner would be able to on the acrylic glass that our beauty storage items are made out of. We’ve seen it time and time again do the trick so we’re overjoyed we can provide it as the backup plan for future mishaps our customers might endure.

What does it contain? What is it free of?

Don’t worry. What you can rest assured is that the Polish Spray has neither ammonia, nor alcohol. It’s completely non-toxic. This way, both your hands and your allergies can be kept trigger free. You will not suffer any uninvited consequences of using unknown substances. The lack of chemicals means no adverse effects to your health.

I have this spray and it’s great because it doesn’t give me a headache like other chemical products so I have to be really careful what I buy. I’m so happy this company could offer something non toxic to maintain my Glamourqueen. xx – Lisa, Sutton

Another aspect of the Spray is its antistatic quality which will surely be appreciated by the likes of us who just want a straightforward process of cleaning our products without the hassle of unwanted, additional phenomena. The fact that the cleaner is resistant to scratching and fingerprints should stand as no surprise as that should be its main purpose to begin with. It does it so well, by the time you finish cleaning up the Plexiglass, there should be a massive difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’. Remember that the acrylic glass we use is like no other in the market, as it is not recycled, but 100% virgin acrylic, which makes that much more durable and beautiful to look at. The cleaner’s role is to maintain the sharpness and reflective quality of the glass. And to restore it to its original lustre.

Steps to having a clean Makeup Storage

How do you achieve a clean acrylic organiser? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Spray the makeup organiser in the location you need cleaning

  2. Wipe it using circular movements to spread the cleaner

  3. The acrylic glass should be clean, polished and protected from future dust

The Brillianize One Step Acrylic Cleaner & Polish spray was specially formulated for our acrylic makeup storage organisers. Firstly, its purpose is to make your beauty box stand the test of time. Secondly, it’s to make your job of maintaing it that much easier. Dirt and dust can steer clear of this beauty box, even though – you might not be able to. Or anyone for that matter who comes near it. The shinniness and true clear glass will be irresistible.

Shop now for the special kit. You’ll receive:

-The Non toxic spray bottle cleaner
-240ml spray pump bottle
-A Special care cloth

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