Makeup brushes are a must in every beauty lover’s arsenal of essential makeup tools. There’s no way you could survive a regular makeup routine without them. But have you ever considerered where or how you should store them? Surely this question must have come up! Well, we’ve compiled some nifty solutions for you. These will most definitely solve all your organising worries. So where could you store your makeup brushes? Find out now:

Makeup storage cubesGlamourcube Mini makeup storage with round handles filled with makeup products and makeup brushes

Surely the go-to solution for any makeup hoarder out there is to resort to beauty organisers. They’re an obvious way in which you could store all your precious items without misplacing them or forgetting about them. Your makeup brushes are not excluded! Most people come up with tens if not dozens of impromptu solutions for their plight. They might come up with DIY projects to hold their unique products in place. Or otherwise purchase shabby, poor quality storage that does the trick for a while.  We’re here to say: it doesn’t have to be this way! You can do much better, with little sacrifice – even the financial kind. Our makeup storage solution fulfills all your organising dreams without taking a lot out of your beauty budget. It’s the kind of beauty solution that is by and large bringing tons of benefits into your home and no disadvantage. You win more time and thus money, by purchasing an item that is both efficient with your time (by gathering all your products in one display box) and reliant in time since its quality guarantees you will not suffer from a broken beauty box! The sturdiness of the makeup storage is guaranteed!

Our makeup storage range can hold any of your makeup brushes in neat position among all your different makeup products. You could be holding them in your very own glass jar or cup on top if you purchase either the lidless or lid cubes, whichever suits you! As an alternative, you’d want to keep them inside any of the compartments in a horizontal position, making sure they’re better stored from dust and dirt this way. It’s always up to you!

DividersGlamourqueen makeup storage cube filled with makeup products and makeup brushes

The different makeup storage dividers means that your makeup brushes will always have a place – however long or thick – inside the cube. If you choose an “X divider” you’ll have lots of fun having to fit the makeup brushes inside any of the compartments and see the final, beautiful display that you’ve created. Any of the other dividers should also do the trick in fitting your nice collection of makeup brushes perfectly.

Crystal Cups with Lid

Has you collection of makeup brushes seriously gone overboard? There’s no such thing as that in our Glam world! You either have enough storage solutions in line or you just quite haven’t found that piece of beauty storage that will complete all your fanciful dreams. Instinctively, you know things are getting serious so you’re planning on placing the extensive collection where it belongs. What better than several unique, high-quality, Crystal cups to serve that purpose?

Since they come in different sizes, you’ll have no problem fitting every single type of brush in its rightful place. Depending on size, thickness and age, your brushes could find a perfect home in these stylish cups. These would look absolutely fabulous inside the cups. And imagine the neatness and the lack of clutter! You could never achieve such a result with cheaper counterparts. So why should you forgo this chance? Let the glamming up begin!

Brushtidy Makeup Brush Holder

Brushtidy Brush Holder filled with makeup brushes in front of window

Our piece de resistance is non other than the Brush Organiser. It comprises of 16 compartments that separate the brush holder so that all your brushes can be divided in their own sections. This way, you’ll be able to access all your favourite makeup tools easily and without consuming more time than you should. Not only that, but the clear acryilic Lucite that the organiser is made out of assures your brush collection will look as splendid as possible! Trust us when we say, you’ll love the final result as much as our former customers have and then some! Your brushes will thank you for the effort too. The days of messy brush clutter are over, make room for the grand entrance of the Brushtidy Makeup Brush Holder!

BONUS: Classic Perfume TrayClassic Perfume Tray makeup storage with brush and eyeshadow on black background

You probably haven’t considered this just yet or found versions of the makeup organiser already. They’re the kind that are not so satisfying to look at, or as efficient for that matter. Their look is either washed-out or plain or just doesn’t go so well with the rest of the storage items or vanity setup. What to do then? Restort to the rest of our line of course! We’ve got the most stylish Tray that is used to fit all types of beauty products, especially perfumes. Most of our fabulous customers do however try out the organiser as an alternative for some of their makeup products (such as makeup palettes or makeup brushes) and the results are grand! At some point during your makeup routine, you might find yourself wanting to rest your items on some surface, without having to smudge the dressing table. Napkins are a nuissance for wanting to preserve the makeup powder on the brush so the Classic Perfume Tray finds itself indispensabile as a working tool in achieving your best look! How cool is that? Multi-versatility is the middle name of our makeup products!

There’s nothing quite like owning one of our glamurous makeup storage holders. And why should there be? This unique approach to beauty organising should serve as a delight in all your beauty routine steps and not some insurmountable hindrance. Your brushes have never been in better hands. If any of our top choices have served as reference or inspiration for future organising endeavours, then we’ve done our job right! Don’t forget, it’s always up to you to mix and match. This way, you’ll always find the right combination of makeup storage organisers that is right for you and your makeup collection. We’re rooting for you to find what you need!Glamourcube Mini makeup storage filled with makeup products and the Brushtidy Brush Holder organiser with makeup brushes

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