We’ve recently introduced the Glamourqueen makeup box into our line of products! It’s limited edition as only a limited amount are produced each month, but if we’re sold out when you want to purchase one you can always contact us to be put on the waiting list for next month! But with the beauty boxes, how do you choose which is the one for you?


Well first of all, the Glamourcube is 12″ wide while the Glamourqueen is 15″, giving you a generous extra 3″ of space which could house all of your makeup, or even leave some space for your collection to grow! They are both 12″ tall, but the Glamourcube has 5 tiers and the Glamourqueen has 6. The Glamorucube has 4 drawers which are all 4cm tall, plus a top section which is around double the height of a drawer, with a lift up lid. The Glamourqueen has 5 drawers which are also 4cm each, and its lift up lid section is also 4cm. The lids can both be kept shut, leant against a wall, or can open all the way and sit flush against the back of the cube. So if you want to stand up perfumes, or other taller products like nail polish, in the top section then the Glamourcube might be for you. But if you want to store jewellery or a few palettes, then pick the Glamourcube!

The number of drawers which will be best for you also depends on how you want to split up your makeup. If you have a larger collection you may want to split different types of makeup into different drawers, like foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks etc, each in their own drawer. If you have a slightly smaller collection you might need fewer drawers as you could combine foundations and blushes into a ‘face’ drawer. Or you could split your makeup up depending on how often you use it, so storing your daily makeup at the top with your less used makeup in the bottom drawer.


Glamourcube for spas clinics beauticians 3

It is generally recommended for professionals such as makeup artists, nail artists, and salon owners to go for the Glamourqueen, simply because there is more space in each drawer and more drawers to work with. However, if you’re a skincare specialist looking for a clear beauty organiser you might want the taller top section of the Glamourcube to hold your products. It all depends on what you need! Both of the units come with a set of dividers: a cross, a grid, and two slide dividers.

If it’s a particular style you’re going for, the Glamourqueen is the cube most similar to the Kardashian makeup organiser! We produce the UK version of this product, and both units are handcrafted in the UK with the highest quality acrylic. Our units are built to last, able to hold all of your makeup without weakening or bending over time.

If you’re not sure which one to go for, you can always email or tweet us!


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