Makeup lovers everywhere are on the lookout for the best available makeup storage solutions. We’re here to make our acrylic storage organisers as accessible as possible with the constant discounts we provide for different groups. You’ll have to find out if you qualify for any of our criteria! We hope you do! All the better for us as well if you join the Glam family.

The GlamourLiving storage units are a staple in any beauty devotee’s home and a must have for anyone who just needs that extra bit of organisation. The acrylic makeup storage provides that unique glam touch seen all throughout our organiser collection. But also, feasibility when it comes to both the organising process and the subsequent retrieval of your products. It’s all about blending both practicality and design into one unique product that spans several different variations! And then some. You don’t have to take our word for it. Have a peek at what our various customers had to say. You won’t be left disappointed! Neither did any of our celebrity customers! They remained just as infatuated as anyone else by the perks of owning one of these makeup storage beauties.

Makeup artists everywhere rejoice at the great news of our beauty organisers being that much more accessible to them than usually. It might seem unfair but makeup artists do dedicate a great chunk of their time to honing their makeup skills. And who can blame them? It’s a tricky process with a ton of twists and turns that could make that one winged eyeliner look faux pas in a second. Glamour Living Makeup storage organiser with makeup on dressing table with mirror and mirror lights and chair

Professional makeup artists out there: we know the struggle! That’s why we’ve decided a while back to make the organisers as obtainable as permissible. You don’t have to worry about expanding your makeup collection. There’s money to be saved on the makeup storage side!

What do you have to do? Firstly, you must be a professional makeup artist to be eligible for the £30 discount on our acrylic makeup storage. We have to mention The Glamourcube Mini is not included in this offer. Then you must provide relevant certification and Identification in the form of a driving license or passport. That should be sent to Once approved you will receive a confirmation email with a code to be entered into the website at the checkout. You cannot use this offer in conjunction with any other offers. That simple!The Tall Glamour Living makeup storage filled with makeup next to the Lipstick Powder Tower half filled with lipstick next to the Brushtidy Brush Organiser with brushes all in front of mirror on dressing table

Unbeknown to most of our viewers who are beauty bloggers, they are also eligible for a discount! Being a beauty blogger is also the kind of part-time job that involves dedicating your time to showcasing the qualities or flaws of products. These items are carefully selected and more often than not, become part of informative posts that are all about the virtues of the beauty item at hand.

Normally, when beauty bloggers visit our website or social media, they’ll purchase their very first makeup storage from us. That way they get their first taste of our unique brand. Afterwards they wish to return and scour around for more information. That’s usually how they stumble onto the makeup storage available discount that is given exclusively to them. Other times, we might inform them of this possibility after seeing their GlamourLiving-related post or vlog. Either way, they are glad to have one of these makeup storage products there to display and own as well.

The Glamourcube makeup storage from Glamour Living with drawer open and no lid filled with makeup and makeup brushes seen from the front

Now find out all the steps through which you as a beauty blogger are eligible to obtain one of our makeup storage products. First of all, bloggers must have had a website on which they have been blogging from for more than 6 months. Aftterwards, an agreement is to be signed to blog about the product purchased from us. Then it will feature on your blog along with images and descriptions of the product. The Glamourcube Mini is also not included in this offer. And this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Doesn’t that sound simple? We think so too. So come have a look through our shop to find the product that needs that writer’s pen or oratory skills to describe it in the most accurate way!

Lastly, students are also the lucky beneficiaries of our beauty makeup storage discounts. Being occupied as they are with university matters, they can’t always find the time or resources for beauty concerns. Not to mention the expensive textbooks and course requirments.

We’ve made sure that students can take full advatange of our range of makeup storage. They’ll no longer have to purchase full price provided that they fit all the criteria. Having to provide for yourself and be a dutiful student and deal with life’s unexpected turns can be quite a hassle. Your beauty needs need not suffer! You can always fill up your acrylic storage with the entierty of your makeup collection and know doing so, that it’s the best beauty organiser there is. What a feeling!

How do you go about receiving your student discount? Well, students can get 10% off all products on our website. In order to do so, students must show a valid dated NUS card. This must come along with proof of ID. Everything must be sent to us at On approval you receive a confirmation email with a code that you must enter at checkout on the website. This offer is again not available in conjunction with any other offers. How straightforward is this process?

All these offers are yours for the taking provided that you fit the bill. Our beauty makeup storage organisers could be at your doorstep the next day! You won’t have to worry about clutter anymore! Your makeup collection will shine brilliantly in our collection of beauty boxes.

This way, you’re one step closer from owning one of these luxury storage units! How does it feel? Like pure excitement. Just ask our former customers from both the aforementioned categories and beyond. Everyone couldn’t be more delighted! So come join our Glam family!

Don’t forget that these offers are subject to availability and stock changes, so always take advantage of them while they’re up and running.

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