Our makeup storage solutions are truly one-of-a-kind in the world of beauty boxes. Among our varied luxury acrylic organisers, we’ve got the beautiful Crystal Cups. These glass-made organisers have never been or become or turned out to be a disappointment for our customers. On the contrary, their unique look and quality means they serve all of a beauty lover’s interior design dreams. Find out more about what sort of usages you could employ for these amazingly sturdy beauty cups.

The Design of the Crystal Cups

Seeing as the majority of our organisers take from our original Kardashian organiser (non other than the Glamourqueen with round handles), it stands to reason that our Crystal Cups would not fall short in terms of quality. Whilst most of the organisers on the market will be sufficiently satisfactory when it comes to their durability and application, our luxury items are made to fill in for the majority of needs and wants of our customers. As a result, they’ve become the popular product of choice for beauty bloggers, fashion lovers and celebrities alike. Just ask any of our former customers and you’ll find nothing but praise for our original makeup storage items. Their individual design is a shoo in for the glamourous look winner. And then to top it all off, their constant reliability in time means that you’ll be fond of these products for a very long time.

Our crystal Plexiglass acrylic cups are stunning multipurpose recipients. They can be used with or without their lids. Every one of these particular lids have the beautiful sparkly crystal knob. And each of these cups feature a finely polished exterior with elegant branding on the base of the products. Their refined beauty will find its place in your house and home life without any issue. As they’ll enhance every surface and any location with their splendour and true luxury design. You won’t be able to look away from your vanity area setup!

Types of Crystal Cups

It’s time to make your dressing table shine with our unique cups. But what sort of options have you got? Which best to suit your household and the rest of your items? Have you got different makeup storage products, you’d want to find the best location for your newly acquired cups. And even more so, the right fit for the items that you plan on storing in your makeup storage units.

We’ve got a few interesting options for you that are sure to be an appropiate fit for the likes of jewellery, makeup products, makeup brushes, trinkets or other items you might envision for the amazing Crystal Cups. These esquisite recipients are available in 3 sizes. And every single one of our crystal cups aims to bring the highest of quality with their acrylic Lucite. This glass material is unlike any on the market as it pertains to the best of its type and not the kind that ends up recycled. Our cups have been handcrafted. This way becoming the best products that are glamourously eye-catching in the home space.

CRYSTAL CUP WITH LID (small)GlamourLiving Crystal Cup with Lid (small)


Length x Width x Depth

3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3″

89mm x 89mm x 76mm




CRYSTAL CUP WITH LID (medium)GlamourLiving Crystal Cup with Lid (medium)


Length x Width x Depth

3.5″ x 3.5″ x 5.5″

89mm x 89mm x 140mm





GlamourLiving Crystal Cup with Lid (large)


Length x Width x Depth

3.5″ x 3.5″ x 8.5″

89mm x 89mm x 216mm

Storing your items in perfect order means choosing the right product to fit all of them neatly and stylishly. Our makeup storage units fulfil just that need and advance it further with our whole collection of luxury storage items. The Crystal Cups that are part of our collection of additional acrylic organisers should suit every beauty hoarder. Not only that, but if you’ve got a bit of an interior designer in you or love to make a fashionable place out of your household, we know these Crystal Cups will make your day and amaze onlookers who so happen to be passing by! We guarantee they’ll be speechless! Let’s look at some unique storage ideas for the Acrylic Cups.

Unique ways to use the Crystal Cups

  • The number 1 way in which you can use our makeup storage recipients is the one that involves your makeup collection. Whether you’ve got powders or lipstick that needs your immediate attention, you know you’ll have your Cup at your disposal. The fastest way to reach your makeup should become the simplest habit!
  • On the same lines, makeup brushes are a must when it comes to the best organising endeavours you could possibly employ! The collection of makeup brushes on top of acrylic beads or decorative stones of any kind at the bottom of the Cups should give a nice, beautiful effect to your otherwise well-setup dressing table.
  • Don’t forget about your collection of sowing materials: such as yarn, clews, threads, buttons and needles! If you want to truly bring attention onto themselves, you’d want an appropiate display for the likes! Don’t forget that there’s other trinkets that you might have laying around that require your organising skills pronto!
  • As it’s the case with modern interior design setups, you have got to try placing LED lights in the likes of our Luxury Cups! You’ll create this exquisite effect of brimming lights that reflect and refract through the Crystal Glass!
  • Plants and terrariums shouldn’t be excluded from your list of decorative objects that absolutely require a nice enclosure! Talk about all the glam that you’ll infuse your neat collection of carefully chosen plants!
  • Remember how to create those oil lamps? Time to show your DIY skills at work! Fruits and different fragrance-making sources below a light candle, all placed neatly inside the Crystal Cups should make any room smell like the most luxurious space! Why not give it a go?
  • If perfume isn’t on your mind, then there’s always just placing a simple candle instead of a sweetly perfumed one inside the Crystal Cup and that should illuminate the whole chamber beautifully! Your makeup collection, neatly stored in one of our other acrylic makeup organisers, should look striking with all the surrounding light reflections!

Our unique collection of Acrylic Crystal Cups are meant to make your organising habits that much easier and secure your vanity area as an elegant space of a particular beauty that could never be replicated! Have we done a good job with our makeup storage? We believe so. Give it a go at organising your novel luxury items and you’ll see it for yourself!

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