We all know how troublesome it can become to have to store all your unique little products. Not to mention how difficult it is to find the perfect fit for them! Makeup storage solutions usually come with the disclaimer that there is plenty of room for all your products. But what happens when you need exactly the opposite of a spacious drawer or beauty box? There’s bound to be solutions to your reasonable quest.

Here at GlamourLiving, we’ve got the most luxurious products to boast about. Although there’s no need for that (on account of having our customers to vouch for us) there’s tons of reasons why our luxurious makeup storage beauty products are a true show stopper. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Our mission is to improve the lives of our customers with high end, quality products. You’ve got to join the bandwagon of our glamorous lifestyle too!

To put it simply, our makeup storage organisers range from the most petite to the heaviest, from the functional to the utalitarian. You would need an Acrypal Makeup Palette to drop the liquid foundation on. And you most certaintly need the beauty boxes to fit all your beautiful makeup products appropriately. The Crystal Lipstick Tower serves as a reminder of all the lippies and glosses you’ve accumulated throughout the years. And surely there’s bound to be utility and a touch of elegant design that you need from an office collection of items. Essentially, all of our products are created with you and your needs in mind. There exist no area so far that we haven’t managed to cover in terms of luxurious makeup storage items. That is – just yet!

The Crystal CupsGlamour Living Large Acrylic Crystal Cup on a black background

Among our most valued makeup storage solutions, there lies a unique set of cups of different sizes. Their variation is due to the diversity of items, trinkets and makeup products that you would otherwise love to store.

What makes them so unique is that they’re made from the same material that all our makeup organisers are handmade out of: the clearest, non-recycled acrylic glass that you are not likely to find anywhere else. If you’ve wondered about the priciness of the items, as most of our customers have, it’s nothing else to do but with the true quality of the items at play. And guess what? The same customers will come back with amazing feedback over how truly worth the price their storage solution is! No wonder the quality has to match the value assigned to it! We make it our job to be as thorough and exact with the assigned value.

So what does that mean? Only that there’s no comparison between our Crystal Cups and any other version on the market. You’ll find sturdy, breakable and easily broken thick glass. Or on the other extreme, you’ll encounter the cheapest, bendable, plastic-made cups that truly ruin your beautifully thought out vanity area. It’s just not worth it! Our luxurious cups on the other hand, stand way above the competition. Their crystal clear glass means the dressing area will shine just as much. While, the high quality means you get exactly what you paid for which is longevity and an easily cleaned storage item. Doesn’t this just sound perfect?

Different sizes

Our collection of Crystal Cups are so designed to be filled easily and to suit most spaces. Of course you own tons of various items of different proportions. Now you finally have a collection of similar-looking storage products to fit them nicely in. From the smallest to the medium and the largest, you’re sure to take full advantage of your Cups. The small cup has the following dimenions: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3″ or 89mm x 89mm x 76mm.While the medium cup has the following dimenions: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 5.5″ or 89mm x 89mm x 140mm; Lastly our largest cup has the following dimenions: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 8.5″ or 89mm x 89mm x 216mm.

Now that you’ve found out all their peculiar dimensions, let’s move on to their design.

The Crystal Cup Design

There’s tons of ways in which a product’s design can go horribly wrong. When it comes to storage solutions, the ultimate fail can creep its ugly nose where you least expect it. You might end up with a flimsy look and otherwise, the design might just not be good enough for the location and the user. What if the cusomer in question isn’t looking for the childish patterns and prints? Well, we know our customers so well because we’re completely in tune with their needs. Hence why, we’ve made sure our luxury cups suit both our brand and who we cater to. This way, everyone is happy.

All of them look stunningly designed. As multipurpose acrylic cups they can be used with or without their lids. The lid in particular has a sparkly crystal knob. The cups also feature a finely polished exterior with elegant branding on the base of the product. Beautiful, aren’t they? And they just so happen to be just a purchase away from becoming your best vanity area setup decision!

Products fit for the Cups

Think about the dimensions of the cups and you’re sure to find specific items that would look so much better inside the storage. From the smallest trinkets to the longest items, there’s nothing quite like keeping them in a stylish-looking item! When you’ve got some makeup products that you regularly use and need to easily reach out to find them – what a way to keep them at hand! Otherwise, you might want to keep some cool acrylic stones at the bottom to have your items kept in place. Your other ‘very used and need to be easily to find’ favourites, such as jewellery or watches, might benefit from the same Cups.

There’s bound to be tons of ways in which you can decide to store your items in a nifty position and with great ease.

Our Crystal Cups are truly one of a kind in the realm of makeup storage solutions. You’ll never feel sorry for having purchased any of them. On the contrary, your setup will much benefit the multipurpose Cups that are sure to brighten your room and day!

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