This Valentine’s Day prepare yourself to stun the woman in your life with the best Valentine’s Day gift a beauty lover could imagine. Everyone who loves to be surprised will enjoy our selection of makeup storage presents. By everyone, of course we mean that special woman in your life. And “why is that?” you ask. Well, soon as we enumerate the reasons, you’ll think of yourself lucky to have stumbled upon our unique products. Take a seat and grab a cuppa and here we go telling you all about our luxury makeup storage organisers.

Our feedback and reviews doesn’t lie

Francine Lewis with her Glamourqueen (round handles)

Francine Lewis with her Glamourqueen (round handles)

Looking through our customer testimonials and blogger reviews, you will find mountains of evidence as to how our organisers are completely in line reality-wise with their descriptions. Initially, everyone reserves their measure of disbelief. That’s all the better! They should of course. Out of all the available organising products out there, there’s bound to be lots of bad apples. Hence why we feel the need to assure you: it’s not the case with our storage items! “It does what it says” should have been our motto by now, if solely based on feedback. We’ve received tons of incredibile messages of how much our luxury products have changed the life of women all throughout Europe and especially the UK. You will not be left disappointed and neither will the woman in your life.

Quality organisers

Of course, we realise, the term “luxury” means high end in every single way. Surely, you could be having doubts right now over the validity of our claim. Many former customers have thought the same until they’ve found themselves embracing our stylish beauty box cubes. That’s when it truly hits you! You’re not overpaying, but making an informed decision. You’re asking for quality instead of cheapness. And you’re asking for durability instead of flimsiness. Once you see your purchased organiser, you get a sense of the fact that it was not all for nothing. And why is that?


From the beautiful design that appeals to the majority of people and particularly women, to the chosen materials, the organisers were made to become the storage help that suits all needs. The variation in types of storage look are there to complete an ensemble of items that you own already. Or even more, enhance the look of the place. This way, it can give it that elegant boost. Afterall, what good does a new product do, if it can’t beautify the very place that’s made for a makeup routine? Moreover, the woman is your life or you, yourself, deserve it fully. Don’t you agree with that? We thought so. That was our making, to give you the diverse designs that should make a beauty lover’s items that much lovelier to behold.


To add to it, our makeup storage items were made out of the best acrylic material there is. Most organising products on the market will use a type of recycled material that is not long-lasting. Neither does it look good, through its poor refractive and reflective qualities. We’ve made it our mission to give you something quite different and especially, something much better. Our acrylic glass has the kind of beautiful properties that make the beauty box shine. And the glint expands to the makeup collection that’s being stored in it.

Pragmatic lookGlamourcubes with makeup

Practicality is part the organiser’s attributes as much as the luxurious design. The different sizes for our organiser beauty cubes, as well as the specialised beauty storage, means that you’ll never luck out when it comes to fitting the right storage products in your lovely home. You don’t have to compromise by purchasing one type of quality item and another of a lesser type. You can always add to the collection and create the most incredible beauty area you could potentially imagine!

Valentine’s Day Gift for her

Shop our range of unique Valentine’s gift organisers and find everything you need for the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet. Find the perfect present today by browsing through our selection of luxury acrylic organisers.

Makeup storage organisers

  • Our most sought out oeuvre is any beauty lover’s dream. The collection of beauty boxes have as origin the design of the Kardashian custom-made beauty boxes. From the incipient Glamourqueen, we’ve expanded to suit all organising needs for any makeup collection size and dressing space. We’ve got the mini, medium and large makeup storage. We’ve also got options such as rectangular or round handles, depending on individual preference. You might need a lid or not, and we’ve got you sorted there as well. Imagine your makeup collection beautifully arranged inside. Start planning even! It’s time your significant other make the leap for you to surprise and surpass your expectations.

Acrylic specialised storage

  • Our other acrylic items amaze with their elegance and uniqueness. If you’ve seen your loved one hoarding perfume or any brands of lipstick, we’ve got an organising idea or two to make her day! You hopefully won’t be shocked to learn that our storage product line stretches to the likes of jewellery, eyelashes and lipstick. As well as perfume and makeup brushes. After she owns them, she’ll scratch her head trying to figure out how one Earth did she survive without them! Indeed, their function in keeping everything in neat place and looking beautifully, can’t be missed.


GlamourLiving gift cards

A romantic gift would not be complete without the cherry on the top: a greeting that is significant to your romantic partner. We’ve also got your covered in that area. You can always purchase the specific card from our Shop. That should arrive with your desired Valentine’s Day present. You should include whatever romantic feelings you want to share to your Valentine. Because of the thoroughness you’ve gone through, it’s sure to not be missed and more so, rewarded!

This Valentine’s Day we wish that you spend a lovely time with your other half. And that there be tons of gift spoiling for either partner! Count us as a faithful, willing accomplice in the gift deed and return the favour with your feedback. We’d love to hear from you all about the unpacking, organising and owning of our makeup storage items!

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