If you follow us on any of the main social media websites you know we’re sharing the latest news and promotions as well as a selection of beauty, lifestyle and makeup articles and news. But some of you guys only have us on some of the websites or not at all, so here is what you’re missing exactly on every website.



On Facebook, we share beauty and lifestyle articles from the most reputed websites, as well as the latest updates on how you can be part of our promotions, discounts or affiliations.



You’ll never see a more updated Instagram on beauty and makeup pics from all over the Instaverse, as well as some of our latest testimonials and promotions.




On our Twitter is where you’ll definitely find all of our updates, as well as every beauty, makeup and lifestyle article that we spot on the Twitverse.  We also interact constantly with our customers and followers, since we love to hear from you guys!

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