Our storage solutions vary from person to person. The Glam beauty cubes find a home in different people’s household. But which one is the perfect storage for you? This guide discusses the matching of your individual requirments with the beauty storage of choice. Find out which makeup storage beauty cube is the right fit for you.

Two pictures of the Glamourqueen with round handles filled with makeup next to a round cup filled with brushes below and a square cup holder filled with brushes above

The Glamourqueen with round handles

 Most visitors and former customers of our brand would still be well-acquainted with our range of beauty solutions. If you’re not one of our regular followers, you can always have a browse through our shop selection. This way, you’ll find what interests you, as well as the kind of unimaginable options that are sure to surprise you in a good way.

Beauty lovers everywhere know they can always find one, if not several of our organisers, as the go-to solution for all their organising worries. Some of our beauty shortcuts involve all kinds of products that solve the smudginess that comes with applying makeup; Or perhaps the matching of office products with the rest of your items. Otherwise, you can always find comfort in having your lipstick collection well organised in one single beauty storage box. You never have to mix products again and you can be sure to win some time that otherwise would be wasted on finding specific beauty products. How fab is that?

If you’re tired of trying to find that special makeup storage cube, the search is over. You can finally rest knowing our Glamourcube makeup organiser collection is one of a kind. The variation the organisers have gone through is a byproduct of your unique needs. We aim to serve all of them and then some! Are you ready to find out how?

Have you been browsing around looking for the perfect beauty box to store all your makeup products? They’ve probably come short of your expectations. More than likely, you’ve given up and are in desperate need of a pep talk! “Isn’t there some makeup storage out there that will satisfy my needs?” You ask yourself. Many before you had been there and done that! All have come through by looking in the right place and purchasing the right product, at the right time. The results: a uniquely stored makeup collection.

The irony is that the mass variety of beauty boxes ou there that exist, still don’t meet our expectations. The reason being that no one takes into account consumer needs. Neither your particular aesthetic love is shared, nor your collection and household space requirments. Where do you go from here? Well, we’ve got a solution or two that should leave you speechless and content. We mean it: you’ll fall in love at first sight – much like our former customers have!

When you browse through our makeup storage collection, you have to take into account a few details. Some of them have to do with size, others with your individual habits. If you follow the subsequent guide, you might end up matching your novel organiser with yourself perfectly.


The Glamourcube Original with rectangular handles filled with makeup products

The Glamourcube with rectangular handles

When purchasing your next makeup storage cube, the size you’re looking for is of vital importance. You must have glared at your makeup collection by now and wondered “How on Earth am I going to fit everything nicely in a makeup storage cube?” Seems like a daunting task, doesn’t it? Not if you have the right storage box!

Other times, it seems as though your petite collection of beauty products couldn’t possibly justify the price! Lucky for you, we’ve had that kind of customer in mind too and made it happen! Have a look at some of the available solutions on display, following the size criteria:

  • If you’re looking at any of our original Glamourcubes, you’ll find them in these specifications which correspond to the regular sizes: 9″x9″x9″, 12.5″x12″x12″, 13.5″x 15″ x 12″. So with this information in mind, you can always fit whichever cube you’re looking at into its corresponding place – at least mentally and then physically doing the measurements ahead of time. This should be pretty straightforward!
  • Alternatively you should consider our other cube sizes available when choosing your makeup storage. These are as follows: 10″x9.6″x17.2″10″x9.6″x13″10″x9.6″x8.7″. When thinking about purchasing, always take into account these specs and the proceeding information. This way you’re sure to find your perfect match!


Have you thought about what sort of space you’re looking to occupy with your novel cube? Is it going to be wide enough? And does it have enough head room space to have a lid open? In the event of your products being too tall, our recommendation is always to take into account that aspect and then purchase a suitable storage solution. You might also consider mixing up your makeup collection and reorganising it when necessary. In the event of that happening, you might still enjoy a makeup storage cube with the lid on that could potentially be left open. You could always have a look at some of our customer’s picture testimonials to make a better, informed decision.


Finally, our makeup storage beauty boxes boast at least 6 seperate designs for cubes which are dependent on a few unique features. So whether you’re looking for a specific size, you’ll always be able to find it with either the rectangular or the round handles. The latter are part of the original collection of organisers that were inspired by the Kardashian beauty organisers. The first are a new addition to the makeup storage collection line which has been loved by our customers just as much!

You’ll also find that the Glamourcubes have their very own dividers to purchase separately in the event of you needing so. All versions of drawers are available for the Mini cubes, the Original and the Glamourqueen. What could sound any better? We’ve got your back covered here too.

All 9 cubes come with their very own distinguishing features, size-wise and design-wise. You would want to take into account all their information and your personal preferences.

The Glamourcube line and the additional makeup storage cubes are there to suit your needs first and foremost. Hopefully you have enough information by now to make the best decision. Happy shopping!

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